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Jan 10
I love her truly
I helped her with all my heart
I forgave her with all my soul
I let her chose what she wanted
And how all shall be
I was not in heyr heart
So I let her be free
I wish I was wrong butl
The feeling grows each moment
That all I did and all I trIed
I just end up loosing my future
The days count down 3,2,1 and than its done for my future
Why I did lil wrong
Why take what lil I have left
Just to hurt my heart and rip
Lil man and my self apart after all
We done and forgave for last 10 mths
Why have me locked up as it harms all our hearts in some way
Effects all our life's in some way
And gets us In more deeper and to deep for me to save my future
Is that what is wAnted of me and what u think I deserve
Lost I. True love
Heart and soul can't say no
Written by
Paul morse  M/Canberra
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