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Paul morse Mar 2020
The end has come
And why
Well it was cause of a lie and than betrayal from the closest to my heart and she did
The worst that she could find
She has no clue
ToπŸ˜“πŸ˜­ it's made it so hard for me to do

But she will see that I did not want it to be
Just it's how badly she minipulated me

And made it

The end off all that future we wanted it to be

The end

The end


I'm finished
Paul morse Jan 2020
I love her truly
I helped her with all my heart
I forgave her with all my soul
I let her chose what she wanted
And how all shall be
I was not in heyr heart
So I let her be free
I wish I was wrong butl
The feeling grows each moment
That all I did and all I trIed
I just end up loosing my future
The days count down 3,2,1 and than its done for my future
Why I did lil wrong
Why take what lil I have left
Just to hurt my heart and rip
Lil man and my self apart after all
We done and forgave for last 10 mths
Why have me locked up as it harms all our hearts in some way
Effects all our life's in some way
And gets us In more deeper and to deep for me to save my future
Is that what is wAnted of me and what u think I deserve
Lost I. True love
Heart and soul can't say no
Paul morse Jan 2020
When u loose your morals

Every day u stayed loyal
Every time I get betrayed
I lost my heart
And my morals faided as my soul is lost in darkness

To be held by someone
Someone beautiful
To have that company
But I lost my morals
And just let it happen
I feel so bad
So sad
She got her way
And now my heart will pay
Paul morse Dec 2019
Turned inside out till
My heart was left for dead
All I beleaved , was a false act to me

The betrayal is so hurtful
Yet gives m way the end of I all today
Oh I wish I died back in 2014
Cut from wrist to Elbow
I should be a corpse
Like i am feeling I am now
Walking dead
Heart and soul just turned into
Empty things
Paul morse Dec 2019
So true it was
I found the internal light
The light that made my heart shine
Made my soul feel like it was on cloud nine
But she was never mine
For she was as perfect as could be
I was just the worst there Eva was
My heart feels like it is going to burst and my soul for _ _ _ _ sake it Eva so hurts
I drift away sitting alone
Hating my self like I should just be
Dust and Bone
The darkness has won
I truly don't have the strength left
So I can tell you now
That my heart has fallen down
And to where it fell is only darkness and hell

So I say good bye
As I give up
And I tried
So hard I tried
But now all I can do is hide
Paul morse Dec 2019
She holds my heart
She has my soul
Eva long
To ends and beyond
So true
As the Oceans reflect Blue
There you have it
For Eva it's you

— The End —