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Aug 2
Yesterday, I could not see the seed in the tree.
Its noise had fainted beneath the hymns and hums of the savannah,
Its color had faded into the hues.

Shouts came out as whispers,
And whispers came out as silence.
The silence overlooked itself, and was overlooked,
And the sun set thousands of times without good-bye.

There was time enough for goodbye.

The flame might never have gone out—
It might have flickered until dusk,
Still patient.
Ever patient.

And one drop might not have become thousands.
It might have fallen thousands of meters, skin tight,
Bracing for an impossible impact,
Still hopeful.
Ever hopeful.

Cubs become lions,
And grass begs to be trod.
Color begs to be colored, and noise begs for its voice.

Today there is nothing but field and jungle.
Today, there is nothing but sand and its many toys.
Today can remember nothing but your last name,
And your last face.

It thinks your last face was beautiful.

Your body will not break, your body cannot break.
Your laugh can only soar, and your eyes can only glint.
On your back will rest a thousand tons,
A thousand tons too few.

Today has time but begs for your haste.

Tomorrow, the lions become cubs.
I wrote this to a kid who is blossoming, a kid who was kind of a shmuck but grew into something truly special. I wanted him to know all I knew about what might have been, and what was always to be. I love him more than I can say.
Written by
Forest Cummings-Taylor  22/M/Charlotte
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