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Jul 29
I am wonderful,
Yes I am,
Need no longer for someone to tell me so,
Put me in narrow confines on what wonderful ought to be.
I define my wonder to the full.

May I continue to rise and soar,
Not be apologetic for doing so  anymore,
When the chips are down,
When people around further beat me down,
I let that  courage surge,
Propel me to fly through,
Emerge stronger coz I am strong and wonderful
And I define my wonder to the full.

I can do anything I set my heart to do,
There’s nothing I can’t and I don’t hear voices that say so anymore,
I am a woman, and I am every woman,
Infinite in my being, resolute in my doing!
I am wonderful and I define my wonder to the full.
Written by
Monisha  F
     patty m, Carl D'Souza and ---
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