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Jul 8
End of the line,
What a marvelous phrase,
To let it sink in,
As I lower my gaze,
Into my almost empty cup of tea,
There's no more time to spare,
Wondering, who was I meant to be..

Time has passed,
Filled with confusion,
I wish I'd dealt less,
With silly illusion,
And focused more,
On Who is above,
He gifted me purpose,
And the power to love.

I've run the race, I wasn't very fast,
I just thank God, I didn't arrive last,
He always guided me back to the path,
With infinite patience,
With mercy and grace,
I was able to run, to finish the race.

Now I'm ready, to empty my cup,
To finish my tea, to lift my head up.
Imagining myself and my feelings near the time of death, I'm pretty sure this is how I'll feel; thankful and peaceful, but also sorry for lost time.
Andrei Marin
Written by
Andrei Marin  M/Speck of dust, Milky Way
(M/Speck of dust, Milky Way)   
   BR Dragos
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