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Jun 2019
The mind, it is a funny thing you see,
The o rgan with possibly the most ability,
Tricks us into believing the false to be true,
Often it points out the worst about you,
Increases your self doubt , your panic, your stress,
Even on days when you've been feeling your best,
Brings up some issues which are hard to push through,
Where do the thoughts come from? I haven't a clue!,
The anxiety arises out of nowhere,
With nobody else these thoughts you really want to share,
Will they think you are crazy, a bit mad or a mess?
Even this will bring about more stress,
"Take a deep breath and practice grounding" ,
The words you hear no matter what surrounding,
Can we explain our feelings ,  what's going on inside,
When we ourselves have no understanding  of these lies?
Never shutting off , laying awake late at night replaying every detail until morning light,
With anxiety comes insomnia ,  more issues which occur,
The mind, the greatest o rgan.. are we really sure?
freeing the mind
Written by
freeing the mind  Dublin, Ireland
(Dublin, Ireland)   
   freeing the mind
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