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May 4
I was your number 28
that was eight numbers
eight people
eight individual girls
after the twenty who
felt you
touch you
went in your bed and got wrapped in your sheets
kissed you
laid with you
I was 28
2 numbers before you hit thirty
thirty notches in your belt
thirty knots on your rope
I had the privilege
the honor
you had the audacityΒ Β 
the courage
the stride
the confidence to tell me I was number 28
Like hearing a number and waiting for your turn
waiting for hours in a line
filled with
white trash girls who probably had you number 50
Latina after Mexican after Hispanic who had hip as big as their attitude
Black women with curly hair who had lips as sweet as pie
after number
after ******* number
until you met me
with the chubby cheeks
and small hands
the round glasses always on the bridge of my nose
a nerd
a reader
a geek
who you crowned a recycled crown number 28
swapped from 27
placed on 29
so insignificant
a mindless ****
a ***** squeeze
just a nobody
who was there to please
and when you got bored you got closer to thirty
when you ran away after the first sign of trouble
you coward
and you crawled
tippy toe around bushes and forest
ate popcorn as you watched me walk on eggshells
you hid in shadows that were casted by your ego
never wanted to talk
never wanted to admit
just there to use
to tell me how good of a **** I am
to spit in my face a mouth full of lies
to ignore me endlessly till i took off my crown and walked away
empty handed
you were my number four
i was seven time more than that
you were fourth in a short line
were i cherished the moments we spent together
cried many tears at the thought of losing youΒ Β 
I would've named you a king
but a number is all ill ever be
a notch on your belt
a knot in your rope
an insignificant number
for an insignificant girl.
Alexis Desire Martinez
Written by
Alexis Desire Martinez  19/F/Texas
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