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Mar 30
                        so strong                        
                       all living               and      
      it               all green             small      
      calm   if      ever so calm        standing        
      all light      quite special   so branches        
       so secret a   rather small   rather green        
       quite strong  very special  ever so living        
        all special  esoteric, humble, specific          
        particular branches standing, quietly            
       ever so light twigs eating, graciously            
        its primary branches standing, quietly          
          buoyant twigs eating, graciously              
           lite twigs feeding, graciously                
        so    esoteric, humble, specific     .          
   so    ever so clear twigs eating, graciously          
   exceptional branches, loose twigs, covert morals      
    specific branches, clear twigs, secret morality      
     extra branches, pure twigs, privy ethical motive    
       specific branches, clear twigs, esoteric morals  
       ever so abstemious twigs eating, graciously      
        esoteric, fine, new positively special          
          decidedly small a   all living                
          calm  foliage   a     standing                
               a tree     a       strong!                
               tree       a           leaf              
               no         a                              
Written by
       Hg, misha, Elijah Bowen and Anne
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