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Mar 2019
You are now but a precious watch I used to wear.

I'm still startled by that second I realize that
you are no longer around my wrist.
After almost a lifetime
of having you wrapped around,
listening to the echo of my heart,
I have worn you like you were a part of my body.
An identity,
a reminder,
my only fashion.
You were one thing I was most proud of wearing.
---feeling vulnerable
naked to the world,
like I am in a shower
Without you.

We might've been destined
as your beat and the pulse I have
are in perfect synchronicity.

In a thousand days of going out without you,
I have now gotten used to the fact
that I could go out to the world unshackled.

Every time I watch the time
I watch you
watch me
watching the tick like a time bomb
nothing last forever
and you remind me of that
in the most natural way to you
like breathing.

and now your seconds
wander to places beyond
the circle.
your hands no longer
come together
to hold mine.
time might never stop,
but for me it did.

Our time is up.

After a few years
there's a random sunny day that my wrist
feels light.
A kind of lightness that I wasn't used to.
You were the kind of weight that
I carry before that wasn't heavy.
You were the world while I was Atlas
but never did I complained.

Given the chance
I would've
I do
still want to carry you around.
JK Casilda
Written by
JK Casilda  22/F/Void
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