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Mar 3
Under the light of the moon, i stare at the stars, wondering if i could be one of them if i died- if i could be immortal. If I could live up as someone who was looked upon- someone who was aware of my existence. It's such a calm night, hearing my favorite songs playing and the curtains swaying by the wind.

It somehow feels magical- like a hidden power. The moon sees me whenever i'm not around a lot of people- sometimes, i think the moon knows all my secrets. I stare at it and wonder if you're looking at it too. I hope you do. I really hope you do.

My love for you is like of an asymptote- a line waiting to be intersected, hoping to be a red string brought by fate.

I wish we could  happen- but we can't, because you didn't know... and i couldn't tell you.

So under the light of the moon- i hoped alot. We couldn't happen but it's not yet the end.

We were under the same sky atleast.. That's what I needed, and that's what we will ever be.

So I hope you remember me, not just that someone who walked past you, the one you caught staring at you, and the one you were really annoyed to... because if you only knew..

Your happiness was mine too.

It wasn't an underestatement. Those three words were not enough to explain how i felt for you. Nobody knew.

So if ever you looked up at the midnight sky- I hope you think of me, not just that someone who would creep behind just to catch a glimpse of you..

                . . . . but as the girl who would have given the world to know.
Written by
Lae  Philippines
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