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Feb 23
i see the world from within the ninth cloud
heightened view of a broken world masks cracks with perfection

when i take a step back and admire all i am and have done
the beauty bursts with colors not seen by normal eyes

so bright it burns holes through doubt
so jagged it rips disbelief

i stare into the soul of the world i’ve made
the physical incarnation of childhood dreams
teenage goals
and adult realities

my love has jumped straight out of a storybook
and into my arms
intertwined destinies give way to a magical coalescence of perfection
a lil bit of this
and a lil bit of that
grown into the cutest curly-haired kid you’ve ever seen

little feet in a big house
big dreams in a small town
long life full of short love
short eyes always looking up

dreams on the big screen
sleepless nights piling up like the empty coffee cups
exhaustion beyond belief
the credits roll
pride beyond exhaustion beyond belief

one minute and the world is renewed
all hatred is extinguished with the power of perfect love
an impact bigger than ever experienced before
a new generation awakened at my fingertips

i am the change i waited to see
through the years becoming exactly who i always wished to be

i am the light breaking through the darkness
the second after the first midnight
a flower in the concrete
hope rising through despair

my name is synonymous with every good thing
spoken in every household
and will last longer than time itself

but of all the fame and awards i’ve received
and have yet to put on my shelf
my most prized possession is not what
but who

i’m luckier than amarillo slim
same amount but different kind of rich as bill gates
and forever grateful
for all i have
all i am
all i have yet to receive
and all i have yet to be

i see the world from within the ninth cloud
heightened view of a perfect world
a perfect life
a perfect job
a perfect family
and a perfect me

who’s four inches taller than before
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