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Jan 2019
Daylight shades
paint the frames
and Instagram pages
with beautiful smiles
and short blond locks
that look out at
the world with
a certain
Snapshot moments
of social projections
pushed out onto
the internet
so strangers
can view
those small lies,
these pictures
do not know
or show
a quarter of
the truth.

Behind the
staged displays
of fun and cosplay
there are
dark shadows
with deep corners
where broken hearts
bleed clutching
their bruised wrists
and split lips.
Where blood drips
on the cracked tip
of the kitchen
counter top.

There are
repeated rapes,
cruelty and denial,
honesty rejected,
and despairing.
There is
a sense of
to not let this
define her life.

There is abandonment
from those who should have
safe guarded
her pulsar heart,
there is
and while
the darkness
has not swallowed
her soul whole
she still finds time
to give light  
to a friend
who was trying to lend
a compassionate ear
to her.

These photos
do not dare
to chart the depths
seldom shared,
or explore more
then mere outward

There is so much
left to see, hear,
and hold dear,
deep conversation,
and psychology
that are enlightening,

so much more
then mere flesh,
or hastened breathed
burnt by
desirous men
and their
unwanted intrusions.

There is dark art
and a heart yearning
for the burning
of an honest
and caring love,
one that runs
from safe fields
searching desperately
for the person they need
to protect
because to do otherwise
would destroy their life.

These photographs
are little lies
that we put out in the world,
smiles that hide
possible fast
or very slow
especially if
there is
no one
ever around
to ask
“Are you ok?”
and if not
then to ask
Written by
Graff1980  40/M/Litchfield Illinois
(40/M/Litchfield Illinois)   
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