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Jan 12
I've sung with a siren,
And I learned that day,
The sea is as heavy,
and cold as the bay,
With wonders come many,
Those lost out at sea,
They don't know the troubles,
They think that they're free,
Till trouble comes singing,
They cheer and they shout,
"We've become great men with true freedom, no doubt",
From cheering to crying, now tranced and at ease,
They come in lured by the song, covered in peace,
They fall into waters, their ship is destroyed,
Restrained to no freedom, the sea will devoid,
Make feasts before sirens, assuming their might,
If only they were humble, they'd be alright,
Now left with the cold blue sea, gone by the night,
The more you control,
Then the weaker your sight.
Written by
BoringBoy  19/M
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