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Jan 12
Been havin sports car dreams
Ridin in a Volvo blowin steam
Livin the creme de la creme

Till I wake up to the nightmare
Tired of wakin and bein poor here
Gotta sleep dream of somewhere
Somewhere... Somewhere...

Man, somewhere else is where I wanna be
Another reachin for green like my fool gatsby
Every comedown letdown settledown got me empty
Theres a fog of smoke from the green i burn where I be?
And who was it that I be? Had to have been somebody

Been slowly dyin workin nine to five
How long can I last maybe nine or five  
Dont know if I got the pay needed to live
Gotta get this pay if I wanna live

Takin a stride lost in the forest lookin for somewhere to apply
Then again might just burn the forest float on a smoky sky

I'm livin this life and struggling against the current currently
I'm workin this job struggling weekly concurrently for currency
Grindin my life away gonna end up passing away silently
Wanna burn fast and hard a pyre burning brilliantly

But im just slow burnin embers no fuel for the fire
Gotta get some more need someone to send me a wire
These burnin embers are goin out the light gettin dimmer
Drownin in darkness no I've never been a good swimmer
No food in the pantry man im gettin ****** thinner
Keep competin for the prize but never been a winner
Cant win the rigged matches unless I become a sinner
Gotta be criminal just to get myself some dinner
Still beleive I can make it though the deluded dreamer

Gotta try and make it live my fantasy
Or die locked in a penitentiary
For the crime of chasin my rhapsody
Probably just end up another casualty
Written by
Bard  21/M/Soldotna, Alaska
(21/M/Soldotna, Alaska)   
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