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Dec 2018
i've began to study him
notice the things he says
the little lies which come out of his mouth
instinctual in order to impress
an automatic response.
tells stories about others, but as if he were doing it

but i don’t get mad
i just know i can’t trust him
i take everything he says with a grain of salt
just the little lies
yes i did this-lie
i didn't kiss her first-lie

why can no one be real?

i asked him if he loved himself
he said no.
but this i knew
was not a lie

but i understand his lies are not for me
to be more impressed with him
it is so he can love and impress himself

i wish he could love himself the way i love him
then maybe he would never lie again
just maybe
or maybe i just live in a stupid fairy tale
Written by
angele  16/F
   Perry and Fawn
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