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Oct 2018
Minds are not changed by having the ability to control. Only actions are maneuvered or subdued. You imprinting fear upon her soul does not make her love you. It is also not a show of love from you. When you allow someone to move the way that they need and want that is love.  
Your fear of losing is shining through as your grip tightens. She sees you for the coward that you are. Your threats are going to put your silly behind…behind bars. If she leaves what will you do? Will you stalk her and try to make her come back. In her mind she will just be looking for the next chance to get away from you.
We cage animals not humans the actions of you controlling shows that you are losing. Not just your lady but your mind. Is this how you thought that you would be so crazy? Under that tension and fight there are issues that are undealt with.
Counseling changes lives and the way that minds think. It helps loose cannons become meek. Mild with thoughts of natural pleasure. It will help you get yourself together. If you were her would you stay or would you run? If you say that you would stay then we know that you are Cray Cray.
No normal person wants to wake up in fear. Not knowing if their mate is going to lose it. Then you lose your life. Allow her to be free to fly. Control is not love it is a hold from the unwanted.
Protect those that cannot protect themselves
Frances Lillian Bynum
Written by
Frances Lillian Bynum  F/Georgia
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