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Sep 2018
I think maybe
I would have liked
To have been loved
But I sunk
With broken knees at your alter.
Pledged Allegiance
To a false god
Who spoke the Old Testament like it was truth.
And the hands
that were wrapped around my throat
were dipped in holy water
So even in death I was blessed.
he will preach
To all the women he has turned into sin
Say -with a soft caress across my check
That echos and vibrates off the walls
Like the silence after a gun shot.
β€œIf you love me you’ll do this”
Because manipulation comes easy to him
Hand to God
he is your salvation
And no one will ever love you like he does.

- He can’t be your salvation
- Because you already saved yourself
Written by
         sarah shahzad, B D Caissie, Edward, ---, shamamama and 33 others
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