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Jul 2018

You ask me to write about you
and I say I can’t.
I say I can’t write when I’m happy and
you haven’t broken my heart yet.
I lied.
The truth is, I haven’t learned how to make poetry
out of my flaws yet.


I’m afraid your love might suffocate me.
I still love someone I can never have and
now you love someone you can never have.


I know I have so much to work on.
I am a broken person who has been together
too many times. The water is leaking and the flowers are wilting.
You deserve someone who will love you as much as you love them.


My mother told me to be with someone who loves me
more than I love them.
I can not do that.
I want can’t-live-with-out-you love. Even if it tears through me
with the strength of a category 5 hurricane.  Even if I can’t use my lungs for the months after.

I’m going to break his heart.
Because I can’t grow to love him.
I know everyday I am trash
but it feels good to be loved like this.
I am fragile and so is this love.


I think it’s safer for both of us to leave the vase alone.
Hannia Santisteban
Written by
Hannia Santisteban  25/F/Hialeah, Florida
(25/F/Hialeah, Florida)   
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