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I want every spec of his gathered stardust
His hands around my waist
I want every inch of the constellations scattered accross his back
Tracing my fingers along each freckle of his to the next
I found the map that guides me home
Each time I'm lost
Hopelessely I was always waiting for someone to help me make the stars align
He did not accept that I was dead as all my blood turned into wine
He is the last star I needed to find in order to connect the dots amongst my own galaxy
It all made sense now
Each page I bled my poetry of pain from the past
All the half loves, shades of grey, fragments of my heart shattered on the floor and rose tinted glass
All of my ghosts, all of the lies, why my stardust never truly collided with anyone else
Each night I spent begging the moon to send me him, all of the lonely nights spent alone in my favourite room, why everything I didn't want revealed the truth
All of my words I wished one day would be appreciated, restless nights kept awake praying that someone like him existed
It was within my chaos I learned I desired a soul like his, he was the calming sound of the rain
Pitter-pattering of trickles down my spine
Wherever his fingertips brush against me
Meeting him was coming home after a long, long, search for a blue moon
Only his love is once in a lifetime, surreal and safe to succumb to.
#soulmate #love #poetry #intimacy
  Apr 2020 AM stardust spirit
i am not ashamed of the parts
you saw of me
you should be ashamed
of what you did with them
they always take pieces of my soul and release them to the world. they were meant just for you.
I still remember
Accross the

You once
Caused me

Decorating my
Masking it

Was my

I still
At the
Of your
Black clothes
& Red

-it's a good thing I'm a lot stronger now.

I wish we could try again
#scattered #stars #love #heartbreak
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