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Jun 2018
360 degrees
365 days
i find myself back here
a rotating haze
crocodiles in the lake
waiting to strike
i've been chewed
digested and reborn
cycle of life
upon resurrecting, i have a bit more knowledge
knowledge of the world, self and my worth
but it's like the crocodiles are painted red, waving gracefully in front of my gaze
i'm a bull that rams through with everything in my way
hidden and undetected is how most know about their nature
but they're just red flags that i chase without a chaser
i'm tired of being digested and ****** lifeless
i've been resurrected so many times
it's like i have this unlimited energy supply
charging and giving to things that i realize aren't worth it
it reaches full capacity and destroys my circuits
which is why i come back to this space in time
all hazy
burnt out
i've resurrected once again
with more knowledge than before
and now i know not to become aroused to the sight of red flags anymore
not running in loops or patterns
just running freely
here i am, 365 days later
full circle, a human that has learned from the past
that still has more to do
but moving forward with a different pursuit
Crystal Feliciano
Written by
Crystal Feliciano  Neither/NYC
     Anonymous and Robin Lemmen
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