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May 2018
Love me.
Love me for who I am.
Don't judge the fact I don't prefer the same *** as you.
I'm not perfect.
But love me for what I stand for.
For who I am as a person.

I stand strong
because the way you loved me and taught me
to be strong and have my own mind.

I move forward
even though I was thrown down not just by actions
but by words of hatred.

The words that were thrown
like sharp knives into this soulful heart
that you adore and cared for.

This heart was thrown by words of anger
that the pieces of this heart were shattered.

You've never bothered to ask
how my heart is or how is my heart as a whole.
I've been pushed, shoved, stabbed, and thrown
into the bushes many times
but my heart as a whole is still beating to find love.

To feel a bond with someone that will hold my heart to the dearest of them all.
That I can trust to hold my heart
and make the bond of my mind
become courage of more bond of love.

To create memorial adventures.
This person will not let me cry alone.
Will not let me be alone.
To feel sad
because I am not strong enough or too weak for them.

This person will hold me up so high that I am unable to let go because the bond is strong as steel.

So love me for me.
Not for what you think is perfect in the world or what you thought is right.

Written by
   psychotic harmony
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