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Apr 2018
When I realize I like you,
I'll be mean at first,
But that's just because I'm protecting myself,
And testing you to see if you think I'm worth sticking around for,
So just be patient.

Call me out if I'm too much,
You shouldn't be getting too annoyed,
Or hurt,
Your feelings matter too.

Tell me that you like me,
And tell me why,
Be specific.

Tell me that your intentions are pure,
That you're in it for the real thing,
For the long term,
I'll probably be shocked,
Because I don't know,
Could you really be the one I've been searching for?

I'll tell you I'm not sure if I like you,
Because I won't be.
I'm used to suppressing my feelings,
I've been hurt before.
The pain that comes with being rejected is way too much for me to handle,
I'm scared,
So don't leave,
It's just a little longer,
I promise.

Ask me out on a date,
Doesn't have to be anything extravagant,
Just a place where we can talk.
And talk I will.
I love talking.
Touch me every now and again,
Hold my hand,
Brush my hair out of my face,
Be gentle.
I won't pull away.

When it's over,
Walk me to my car,
Tell me you had a good time,
Thank me for going out with you,
And I'll thank you too,
Because at this point,
My feelings are becoming clear.

Tell me to text you when I get home.
Hug me,
Make it nice and long.
When I pull away,
Pull me in for just a little bit longer,
And then let me go.

Open the car door for me,
Close it,
Watch me drive away.
Wait for my text.

I won't text you,
Because a lot of people tell me to text them,
But they don't actually care,
And I hate being a bother.
So follow up,
"Did you make it home?"
You'll make me so happy.
Because I like you,
And you like me.

From there,
Let's keep talking,
"Good morning",
"Good night",
"How was your day?"

Ask me out again,
Keep taking me out,
Pay for me,
I'll pay you back,
Because I believe in equality,
But the fact you want to pay,
Will give me butterflies.
Because you don't pay for everyone.
Now do you?

Ask me deep questions,
For my opinions about life,
About who I am,
What I want,
What shaped me?
I'll write you paragraphs,
I don't want to feel like a bother.

Profess your feelings to me again,
Make my heart skip,
Ask to kiss me,
I'll be nervous,
But I'll say yes.
Just a couple pecks.
That's it.
Caress my face.
Kiss me on the cheek,
And then the forehead.

Tell me to text you when I get home,
I'll "forget" a lot,
So follow up,
And with time,
I'll stop "forgetting".
Because I trust you.

Eventually my feelings for you will be growing,
Way too much for me to handle,
And I'll spill,
It'll be detailed,
And long.
Tell me how I made you feel.
I want to make you happy.

Ask me to be your girlfriend,
I'll say yes,
And I'll have a boyfriend,
For the first time.
These other boys have been too afraid to commit to me.

Introduce me to your family,
And friends,
As your girlfriend.
You'll make me pinch myself,
Because my dreams are finally coming true.

Care enough to talk to me when I'm upset,
Without a time limit,
Or making me feel rushed.

Read my paragraphs,
I'll write them to you when I'm upset or angry or happy,
Because I'm emotional,
Reply back with love.

Compliment me on specific things beyond just my looks,
Even when I act like it annoys me.
Give me a nickname,
Unique to just me.
Never ignore me.
If you know you're going to be busy,
Tell me.
If you take long to respond,
Explain why.
I'm insecure.

Keep texting me.
And calling me.
You're always on my mind.
I always want to talk to you,

Touch me tenderly and carefully,
Like I'm a fragile doll,
Before we move further physically,
And reassure me that we don't have to do anything I'm not comfortable with,
That we have time,
And that you enjoy me for my company,
Above everything else.

Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything.
I want to help you in any way that I can.
I care about you,
A lot.

Open up to me.
I love hearing your mind.
Tell me things you haven't told anyone else,
I'll do the same,
And I'll thank you,
Because I'm honored,
I like feeling close to you.

When we argue,
Listen to me,
I'm sensitive,
I'll listen to you too.
If it gets too intense,
I might try to leave,
Even though I don't want to,
Because I'll think it's what you want.
But don't let me,
Tell me you want to work things out.

I do too,
Maybe a little too much.
Because at this point,
You have my heart.
Written by
Flame  F
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