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Apr 2018
I love you deeply,
   as a nameless wave in the sea;

I love you strongly,
   with so much more than I can ever be;

I love you sweetly,
   like a random song in the night;

I love you increasingly,
   Every time we kiss or we fight;

I love you blindly,
   in the dark you are all I see;

I love you steadily,
   no matter how many times you push me;

I love you brightly,
   like a shattered mirror to the sun;

I love you gladly,
   though you were never really having fun;

I love you tirelessly,
   even if I run with all my might;

I love you truly,
   even though I was 'never really right';

I love you sincerely,
   amidst every single time you lie;

I love you endlessly,
   even these many years after goodbye;

I love you rhetorically,
   like no words could ever express;

I love you foolishly,
   and always I will love you nonetheless.
I love you baby,
And if it's quite alright;

I need you baby;
To warm my lonely night.
Yan F
Written by
Yan F  Gender Fluid/Philippines
(Gender Fluid/Philippines)   
   warp, L B, Elizabeth J and Cné
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