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Apr 2018
Getting high with me is always a game of chance.

Will I be happy? Laugh and dance around with out a care in the world? Be fun to hang around and talk to maybe?

Will I be worried? Start thinking of all the things I’ve said and done wrong years ago.
Start to think that you only do things because you have to not because you want to.

Maybe, I will be sad and hate myself and apologize to whom ever is around me at the time and then apologize even more for apologizing in the first place.

Will I get angry and start crying and yelling at you for no reason and then flat out ask why you are yelling at me?

Maybe.. possibly.. I do not know. It’s always a game of chance.
I don’t mean to be so confusing when high. It all depends on the day.
Written by
Alex  18/F/Mordor
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