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Feb 2018
Just a kiss, buttercup
Remember not to **** me up.
Maybe it’d be best, to promise
Just one kiss.

Strangers after all don’t have business with each other.
That’s what mother
It will always wander in my head.

But little by little
My hands would fiddle
Every single **** time I saw you.
But knowing you’d never be able to come through.

Our promise broke and one kiss led to two.
Then three.
And so forth.
God, I shouldn’t have trusted myself with you.

The last time our lips felt each other
Was when your girlfriend caught us under your covers.

She came by with a surprise
But left with numerous lies and sobbing eyes.

You yell at me.
“Stupid ***** couldn’t keep her mouth shut.” Yell he.

I too, left with sobbing eyes.
Then despise.
And a part of me dies.

Ever since we stopped this secret
My weakness
Is you.
But I can’t do this,
I have to stop thinking about your kiss.
The thoughts continue to spew.

This is wrong.
I should have realized sooner you were just playing a puppet’s song.
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