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Feb 2018
Words can leave you broken
Depending on what and to whom it was spoken.
Be it about your situation or image,
Words can cause tremendous damage.
So whether it comes from afar
Or from the drunken dude in the bar,
Negative words will leave you with an emotional scar.

Negative words will make you touch the sky
And some will you make you ask yourself why?
Some words will put your emotions in prison
For no justifiable reason.

Some negative words come at the wrong moment
In the form of a stupid comment
That will ruin your entire tonight
Thereby starting a fight.

Negative words are intertwined with vile statements
To mess up your beautiful moments.
Negative words can cause everything to go wrong
Special moments that can't be fixed using love song

So watch out for negative words my dear
Some words we'll try to bear,
from negative words, we'll never be able to escape
Not even in a Superman's cape.

Some words can elevate, some words can motivate and some words can desecrate.
Ivan Brooks Sr
Written by
Ivan Brooks Sr  50/M/Norway
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