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Dec 2017
He couldโ€™ve let you suffer,

To pay for your transgressions,

Just as justice demands.

Surely you deserved to die,

From your folly,

And losing your very soul,

To the seduction of vanity.

But youโ€™re still here,

With boundless freedom,,

And the luxury of choice .

Lord of the earth, as was Adam before the fall.

When he chose you out of love,

Even with the blackness of your heart,

He broke your chains,

And set you free from all that would keep you,

Groveling in the darkness for solace,

Despair made of your broken hopes.

He redeemed your soul at a price so steep,

If nature tried to build mountains with,

Would reach high into the heavens,

And the peak reaching to the stars.

He paid the price,

For the salvation you now easily abandon,

On the cross where your liberation was sealed,

With His very life,

An impossible price your wretched soul could never afford.
Written by
Kume  M
   C P X, Carina and Dave Legalisa
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