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Nov 2017
I had my first kiss at the age of 16
I was young and naive
and  didn’t know what love meant

It didn’t feel like sparks
Just like the movies
But felt the emptiness in my heart
As soon as we touched

I knew it wasn’t love
More like lust
More like the desire to have someone
Face to face

He didn’t see the scars
Because of my dark cloud
And that’s why he kissed me

I didn’t let him touch me
Because I was scared
He’d feel the stitches in my heart
And run away

At 17, I fell in love.

The boy was just as cute
As a character in a cartoon

He was an outline of the perfect person.

He lived and loved what
I lived and loved

Just like a wave,
The emotions crashed onto me,
Capsizing the boat
I once loved

I found something called hope
In your eyes

I became to know what it was
To be happy
And to be satisfied

But this didn’t last long

2 years passed
It seemed like forever
I thought that i was going
To be with him forever

But my plans never come out
The way i wanted it to

It was so ironic that
Every time i was happy with you,
It always rained.

Because somehow,
My tears never stopped
It only became faster
And faster
And closer to the day
When it dried

And when it did,
It was the day
I left you.

My dear,
This was the end to our chapter.
But every end has its benefits
Every end means the
Start of a new beginning
Mishy Kim
Written by
Mishy Kim
   Lior Gavra, mel and luis
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