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Nov 2017
after a week of dried paint chips
and plastic shoe laces
the starved little mouse
ate the dainty aqua blue food pellets
near the big red door
through spider webs
behind the refrigerator

finally full
his guts in a knot
he keeled over hemorrhaging
but at least he wasn't driven mad
with hunger anymore
although he was tormented
with writhing and choking up ****** tidbits
towards his final destination
a knotting rigor mortis

he could be seen
laying flat on his back
frozen in a suspended flutter frenzy
his little limbs clawing frenetically
to the heavens

having dared the sin of gluttony
he paid his penitence
and last absolution
for living large
as a house mouse
in the cruel wilds
of a treacherous world
on the crucifix of the human kingdom
land of the roaming
where solace and kindness has no quarter
for a starved hard lived little mouse
who died
as providence would have it
by Gods infinite wisdom and glory
like a rat
when we make a mistake its called a sin
when God makes a mistake its called nature
Written by
zebra  M
   ---, Graff1980, Lora Lee, L B, Cné and 1 other
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