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Nov 2017
All White

Such a long walk
That took seconds
Down the hall to see
White is all I saw
Head to toe covered
Except your reddened face
The crematory man
Said you'd be discolored
All I saw was you
In the yard
Sitting in the Star Wars room
Blue electric guitar
And bass lines
With or without you
And I learned
That life is fragile
And you looked it too.
I prayed and prayed
And sent my words
To the heavens
And felt the sky
Open up and swallow
My tears and pleas
Some writings
A Lock of hair
And a visual memory
Is what I left with
And will carry with
Till my day comes
When they all walk in
And all they see white
All white...
About seeing my cousin in the crematorium before he was to be cremated. We were allowed a viewing. He died from hypothermia because he was homeless and a vet. He had paranoid schizophrenia which is why he would not allow us or docs to help him. He thought we were trying to **** him. He was in the Air Force for years and developed it during that time. He was only in his mid 40’s and we were very close bf he became ill. Rip Corky.
Written by
       DCgirl, One man, ---, L Seagull, Armond Aponte and 6 others
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