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Nov 2017
If somebody asks why you said it that way
It's because that's who you are
That's the show they don't even have to pay to see
It's free and they should thank you instead
Because they heard the truth for once

If somebody thinks you're weird
You should thank them for saying that
It means they've never met anyone like you
You are a different world and they don't understand
Because they heard a language only you can speak

If somebody thinks you're too intense
It's because they're not ready for you
If it's meant to be they'll catch up someday
There is no point in waiting for them
If they want it bad enough they'll make it happen

If someone wonders how you do it
It's because you're not afraid to speak of it
The depths of your fears and rejection
You no longer worry who knows that you are human
Because crying out loud is from the truth you know
Mark Lecuona
Written by
Mark Lecuona
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