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Toriana Apr 2018
she has a different mind now

now she has a different mind
  Nov 2017 Toriana
I taught myself to breathe underwater
So that I didn't have to touch the air anymore.
the water was much more beautiful
Much more serene.
little did I realize
I was just hallucinating
to avoid the pain of drowning.
Toriana Nov 2017
me, with a weight
tied to my ankle

thrown into the ocean

gasping for air

my body floats
as far up as it can

my dress flows
with the water

i raise my hand
to grab the surface

minutes go by
the water fills my lungs

now, i am fish food
Toriana Nov 2017
"its just hard right now
                                                             ­ but we'll be fine"
  Nov 2017 Toriana
It was always so beautiful
Was love at first laugh
Always constant, always there
So much love, so much lust
Beautiful Love, Beautiful lust
Toriana Nov 2017
today was beautiful
all days are beautiful

but usually i can't see it
my senses are heightened

i feel light-hearted
and ethereal

i know from experience
it won't last long

it doesn't matter
i'll be content while i can
Toriana Oct 2017
you could **** me
& i'd forgive you

i'd still forgive you,
i'd still run back to you

don't apologize,
i've already forgiven you

i'll let you walk
all over me

then wonder why
i'm in pain

you'll ruin me &
i'll still run to you
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