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Oct 2017
Stuck in cages,
Clicking like
On multiple pages.
Falling into
Endless rages.

Yeah the worlds ****** and
You dance with it
In the rhythm and you can't forget it.
You could never regret it.
You found a pearl in the dark

A spark in the stars
A Lark, long claws
And I'm up early
Take to the sky, sparkling and

Flamboyant, I float
I've always been girly.
Empty seas a space to sink,
Water surrounds but not a drip
To drink.

But I think,
I feel through the
Folds destined to kink
And I stop and rethink
Dissolve and think pink.
What's more pure
Than something that lacks to be whole.

Neither white
Nor red
But I bleed the same
A game and it ends,
It's all a shame.

Earth - Yes the end
It's all the same,
To the Roost
The Rooster then
The Roosters came.

Blood and mud
Made me whole,
A stud and studs
Stained my soul.
Written after a night shift and a couple of hours listening to Khia
Harry Roberts
Written by
Harry Roberts  23/M/Between despair and joy
(23/M/Between despair and joy)   
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