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Sep 2017
My net worth is negative 20K,
With interest, that's growing every day.
Now, my starting pay’ll neighbor 60-70k
And though I have no technical skills
My friends find me dull
My talent needs work
I dismiss it all,
Go ahead,
And gas it up full,
Fork over said talent
To a Professor who ignores my attempts at a challenge.
Yes, yes, I’ll manage this round,
Though the hole's designed for a stay,
In debt, forever on the repay.

Now I'm pushing 40,
And the negative has 40 over me.
How'd I lose that bet, so clearly bad?
I thought this here was the recipe:
I'd go to school, get good grades
I’d hit that rice-only diet, labor like a slave
Occasionally crunch a wrap at Taco Bell
(Cause if it ain’t a date, you're saving still)
And while I rant, rage, and rave
I continue to dig.
If this is me caving in
Then these digit-dusted boulders
Are going to crush this twig.
Randall Walker
Written by
Randall Walker  22/U.S.
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