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Sep 2017
we live in the salem of judgment
acting as though
these are the societal judgment trials
acting as though
we are perfect
and everyone else
is either subpar
or evil
by comparison

we look at people we don't like
or don't know
and act as though being propelled by
a mob

throw our judgment
like rocks

douse it in oil
and light it up
to surround those
we deem
inherently suspect

string it
at first as innocently
as christmas popcorn strings
growing into a licorice rope
and soon
it is a rope we unconsciously
throw around necks
at people
with lives
and loves
and families
we always forget they might have

because we're so
obsessed with ourselves
it's like
no one else
or even

only us
and our lives
and loves
and families

i'm not blameless
but whoever says they are
is not

just like the witch trials
our salem
tries to end
once it gets personal

it never seems to matter
who we hurt and judge
it's us

because that's all we care about
isn't it?


Written by
anon  F
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