Jul 2017
From white canvass,
a blank ledger of potent
awaiting form and function:
the seminal swirl of
her brush signals,
simple hue,
subtle structure.
From flesh stroke
sanguine blush of satin seams
and outstretched limbs,
the artist invokes shade and light.
Spring greens, rampant peaks,
reaching aloft into gossamer
mists; calm swells,
verdant bosoms,
inviting fields of luxuriant temptation.
From an eternal cool,
the (all too) temporary warmth of
her embrace lies just beyond:
enticing, luring, coaxing
into heady desire.
From whence, the dream
See a photo that inspired this poem: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10209365905400609&set=a.10208174166607884.1073741828.1113041505&type=3&theater
Michael Briefs
Written by
Michael Briefs  54/M/Littleton, CO
(54/M/Littleton, CO)   
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