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Jul 2017
Normal isn't normal.
According to my daily journal.
For each unique day is abnormal
For being anomalously usual.

Boring isn't boring
It will get you thinking,
To get you to do something exciting,
and exciting is nowhere near boring.

Normal is boring.
For each usual day got me nothing.
Only to get me thinking till evening,
Then I write on my journal a short shift of something.

Boring is normal.
For everything can be sequential.
Meaning any complexcity can be simple.
But it might not be understood by any mortal.

Therefore, Normal is boring,
And Boring is normal.
But Boring isn't boring.
And Normal isn't normal.

In other words, Normal and Boring are enticing,
By Normal being abnormal,
and Boring being exciting.
I will now write this on my daily journal.
A friend and I had a conversation and discussing about Normality and what it means to be bored.
This is the product of that.
Sister of Curly... Kudos to you!
Written by
LeBobbe  M
   SHE and natalie
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