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Jun 2017
My thoughts weigh me down
In the middle of the night,
When distant rumbles
And flashes in the sky,
Wake my dreaming mind.
Tyranny rules our bleeding hearts
And this song is all I have.
A touch of humanity lost to a war cry,
All our words, forged in fire.
You strike, I retaliate,
And now we're falling apart.
Can you sleep? I can't.
I lay awake listening to the screams
That drown the silence of the night.
I count the stars that dare to shine
Even through these dark clouds.
We're lost, in time and space,
Waging a war we don't understand.
My kindred, my blood and flesh,
What are we fighting for?
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac
Written by
Meenu Syriac  India
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