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May 2017
Here's a new idea!
A poem just for you...
If you're feeling worried
If you're feeling blue
Here's a little poetry
You can scratch n sniff
C'mon, my friends!
Take a coin
Then just take a whiff!
It's a lovely perfume
You can put upon
Your wrist!
C'mon, TRY!
Don't have to buy...
You need a little lift
It's an art, it's from
It is a free gift!
You can smell
Hilarity... c'mon!
Just scratch n sniff!

If you're feeling tired,
Your mind wracked
And grieved
It's entirely up to you
The odor you received.
It could be a
Crystal flower
It could be a musk
It could be most
That your senses
That brought you
Great pleasure
Like a mountain
A sense of peace
Will be released!
When you felt

C'mon my dearest
Poets! You know
You want to try...
You can scratch n sniff
This poem...
Now, friends,
Would I lie?

Scratch n sniff this
Silly piece...
I might have made
A gaffe :-P
But at least you
Tried it... and you

*Had a laugh!
I've been writing some pretty
Serious stuff lately... just
Want to add levity!

Life is what you make it!
Might as well LAUGH!

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