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May 2017
In just one year,
My life has changed,
I havent started over,
But ive been rearranged.

I thought that I loved,
But it was a lie,
and then it was over,
and I said goodbye.

Ive met new friends,
and lost old ones too,
They come and they go,
Like people always do.

Ive changed my outlook,
On God and on fate,
Ive lost some issues,
And ive gained some weight.

I tried alcohol,
Hard liquor and beer,
It cost me someone,
I held very dear.

Ive lived through some things,
That could have knocked me dead,
If it werent for someone,
Who had a level head.

Ive taken risks,
Despite my heart,
Ive felt my world,
Get torn apart.

I laughed so hard,
I rolled around,
In my pjs,
On the ground.

Ive missed some people,
Theyve missed me,
Ive seen some things,
I wish I could unsee.

My life has changed,
In just one year,
Ive been pushed away,
And drawn in near.

I didn't realize,
But now I see,
That all this change,
Is good for me.
Amanda Kay Burke
Written by
Amanda Kay Burke  25/F/Alaska
   JS and Keith Wilson
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