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Mar 2017
I crossed the bridge
of my rebellion
only to find the truth
implanted firmly
on the other side
The stars laugh
at my audacity
"We've seen your kind before .
Their bones lie in the holes
of forsaken eternity"

I cry out to proclaim
"Even the stars
will have a judgement day .
You burn brightly now but
In the end you will have to pay ."

Nothing lasts forever
Not the stars nor
even this universe
Even the blackness
of outer space
has it's time marked down
as to a final resting place

So as for me I crossed my bridge
I have nothing more to say
I stand here and I'm trembling
Frightened and excited
of what the will
will be
South by Southwest
Written by
South by Southwest  Trussville , Alabama
(Trussville , Alabama)   
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