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Mar 2017
The endless nights where you and your friends spend hours talking are above average.
People pass you by on the street, but the one stranger to compliment you is above average.
The feeling of accomplishing something is above average.
Your life is above average.
Don't treat yourself as if you were an average joe because I promise you your not.
There is greatness in this world that you have yet to achieve and find, don't label yourself as average when you have not reached your full potential.
When all has failed you still have yourself.
You are the most important person in your life, if you haven't realized that then I hope you do some day.
Sometimes you may hate yourself and that's an average feeling, but that is not all of you.
You write the thought prescriptions for your brain, that's average but what you make out of it isn't.
The way you smile and laugh at weird things that you like isn't average, it's you.
You're, you.
Even if you still believe that you are the average joe or if you want to be the average joe, you may never achieve it.
You are unique.
A minuscule part of you is average,
that doesn't make all of you that way...
This was a challenge my therapist brought forth to me and this is me accomplishing it
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