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Jan 2017
100 prayers and breathing spells
as I lay awake at my breaking point
praying will the shadows go away?
3:00 hits again and my eyes wide open
Another night of tears how i could choke
On the disbelief like a death bed
Pool of sweat as I breathe slowly
The song of angels so distant in her voice
As I bury my thoughts in the pillows again
Sanity bleeds i need sleep
But it never brings me rest
Just a piece of mind in the shards of glass
Slamming my fist into the reflection of myself
Why can't I recognize this man?
Why can't I comprehend his eyes?
The pressure feeds on me
As I feed upon the seeds of its birth
Sometimes I wonder
Did I make a mistake?
Did I cut the cord too short?
And now the prayers I breathe
Breathe heavy
The night is fading to light again
Another sleepless night
And another question without answer
Thank God it's over
Untill the nightmares tomorrow
Another 100 prayers and breathing spells
Another 100 prayers and breathing spells
Written by
Eric Lewis  Texas
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