Nov 2016
i used to be your damon,
you used to be my pythias;
but now we barely talk,
i endlessly wondered why.

not too long after,
i finally found out why.
turned out you find your new damon,
just like that i lost my phytias.

she got everything i'd never have,
and i got nothing to keep you close by.

photos of us remain in each of our instagram account,
only to be buried with your new friendship.

scary thoughts went through my head,
sleepless nights kept me awake for weeks.
am i that easily replaceable?
i said over and over again.

it's too abrupt,
the departure of yours from my life.
i couldn't cope,
losing you hurts more than a million heartbreaks.

i miss you,
but you're long gone.
the old you is no longer,
and i'm only left with a speck of memories.
damon & pythias is from a greek mythology. when pythias was sentenced to be executed, damon took his place to allow pythias to get his affairs in order. when pythias returned in time to save damon, the king was so impressed that he let them both live.
Detha Prastyphylia
Written by
Detha Prastyphylia  20/F/Surabaya, Indonesia
(20/F/Surabaya, Indonesia)   
   David Adamson and Dana Colgan
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