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Sep 2016
Her love enslaved her soul to you, your words the chains that bound her to your brick heart.
     Starved and hungry, she gobbled up the enticing lies that danced of off the tip of your tongue.
 Scared and lonely, she clung to any contact you sent her way, a gentle hug, warm hands.
      Thoughts of you consumed any she had of leaving. You're slowly destroying her from the inside out but by the time she realizes it, it'll be too late.

    Now she's trying to break free from you, but all she's left with are ****** wrists and tightening chains.
          She's trying to spit out the enticing words you send her way, but she's left gagging as you shove them down her throat.
      She's trying so desperately to get out of your grasp, but now she's covered in hand prints where you forcibly held her in place.
  She's trying to escape from your destruction, but now she's trapped by her love and enclosed by her fear of a broken heart.
  She's trying to set herself free but she just can't seem to cut herself  loose.

*-if you love her, let her go
Written by
Hal  19/F/Iowa
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