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Jul 2016
I came upon a parade of
Zinnias today...
lined along the pave-way,
wild and wily.
An infinite variety
of colorful heads
popping up and out,
like eyes of
wary prairie dogs,
on the lookout for action.

Thought of you...
the flower heads you gave me,
filled with seeds aplenty
to plant in the spring.
Knew just where they would go.
Imagined my hands in the
welcoming earth, sowing
them at just the right depth.

They would grow,
reaching with their
long thin frames.
Vigorously tall and full of
Summers' brightness.
Symmetrical flowers
filled with attitude
towards the sun.

Flourishing in cracks along  
sidewalks and driveways.
Finding comfort and feeling free
in the most limited of spaces.

Yet...I did not plant them.
Aware that I am
not able, just now, 
to make such a commitment.
To water and ****.
Ensuring that they
would reach their full potential.
A simple promise of one season.
To nourish a delicate,
perfect Zinnia.

~Christi Michaels~July 2015~

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
for Scott, my "Walking Man"
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
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