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Jun 2016
You walk into a highschool and bam masked ball. You've got the cheer leader,the jocks,and the popular *******. Now look or here you've got the group separations. Now listen to the words the words being said. They are bullets to a heart a heart that is breaking. Everyone around us has to many labels to put everyone in. We are all out on groups by a look ,a stare,or an interest. If you are actually committed to school work cause you want to be something your the nerd or the form of the school. If you are aad then happy the next your bi polar. If you are to happy you have to be on something. If you cry ever and I mean EVER your a cry baby. If you laugh a lot or make the jokes you have to be the class clown. If you wear the brand new jeans and have the new Jordan's in the store you have to be popular. If you like acting you have to be dramatic. If you actually show emotions your the emo freaks. If you get an A on that paper people all look at you like you did something wrong because they aren't as smart as you. Everyone wonders what's wrong with these kids. Oh I don't know everyone's thrown into a labeled group and that's what you become. We change our whole life to impress a person to get out of a group we are in. Even in life, you live in a place and you are depicted by your address. You are justified by how proper you are. Everyone has their way to demean a person more and more because they feel they have the power to do so. Since when was this a human right,to take the words we do have a right to use and make these words into knifes towards other people. You don't know that persons story nor their feelings or hurt. If everyone took one day to take a break from placing people into these groups maybe you could finally began to implement the slightest bit of realization and peace. But who would do that? Take a day to give that person a break, they are all to far up in statistical ******* to realize how much hurt they are protraying

Written by
Lovey  19/F/Over the rainbow
(19/F/Over the rainbow)   
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