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May 2016
With its full force in veins it flows and glows
Love either takes you to glory or to the gallows
When beauty in trance becomes ready and shows
Price of that rose a lovers understands and knows
When every thing changes its shape to love rose
When beauty becomes heavenly wine to bulldoze
When lover in love becomes lunatic and he owes
Then beauty in intoxication takes a chance , throws

The entire universe takes herself to that love dance
Happiness shares herself everywhere to take chance
Nothing remains stable but goes to just a real trance
Entire world is dominated either by love or romance
Let my sweetheart be the part of that ecstasy to enhance
Please expose your beauty in delight to prove my stance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Written by
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan  Abbottabad Pakistan
(Abbottabad Pakistan)   
   Rose and ---
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