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May 15 · 107
Love To Buoy
Love to Buoy
My love allow love to buoy on your spirit
It unfolds when we never ever expect it
Let the reality prevail over to establish writ
Before like an bridled way it is to split
Our sentiments take us to the extreme
Through which peeps a full light beam
Love with beauty makes a love team
In an ever flowing sweet eternal stream
Love has its shapes to crop, dominate
Passion helps us to be close associate
From beginning till end experience is great
So all adversities we have to tolerate
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2019 Love Remains
Apr 6 · 128
Love Remains Bless
Love Remains Bless
Love is an ocean and beloved is a mermaid
So to accompany her a lover a real quest
This is how love and attraction are displayed
A lover when takes the test becomes best
Love is a passion and emotion to reinvigorate
Beats of heart and soul to make a string
Love remains an extraordinary sweet associate
In extreme autumn it may bloom as spring
Love and beauty goy together to cherish
All flowers start dancing in happiness
But if love is failed it has to but totally perish
In this cruel world love remains only bless
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2022 Love Remains
Mar 20 · 141
Seek Mercy of God
Whosoever holds tight God's rope
He does not burden beyond His scope
Sincerity in adversity helps to cope
A man with faith never loses his hope
Oh my God overlook my blunders
Only you save me from all thunders
Your universe is beyond my mind
My little eyes unable to capture wonders
My helplessness You cover with mercy
Even if I lose hope in middle of the sea
From all cruel clutches you make me free
I am Your servant this is the only plea
You have hundreds around, I only you
Without You no one else can pursue
You take me from all hurdles through
From a sinner you make me drop of dew
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 16 · 116
Passion To Flow
Passion To Flow
My sweetheart let us dance heart to heart
To give air to hidden passion to flow
Be more near to heart to never ever depart
Let me kiss your beauty to make you glow
Let our playful love side shine to celebrate
Every moment in your sweet company
Let in whispering sound love to do narrate
What is excellence in love symphony
You and me are together to reinvigorate
Sweet and wonderful happiness and pain
Heart to heart love to grow associate
Let us be together really sane and insane
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright march 2022 Love Remains
Mar 10 · 104
God is Enough
God Is Enough
Life is a miracle ,a severe pain and torture
To some it brings pain for others it is pleasure
But Lord is extra kind to provide and suture
In pain it is hatred in love it remains treasure
My Lord has bestowed life on me with love
For very many years he kept me in His love knot
So every now and then I felt blessed above
My heart remained dancing with kind thought
He blessed me with all His gifts to make me happy
He blessed my head with light to shower
In the darkness of a dark and totally blind valley
How to search for a down trodden man to tower
I remained grateful and still graced by Lord,s love
His Greatness never lets me down I know
In sheer love, respect and affiliation I strongly bow
It is His eternal love which makes me glow
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright March 2022 Love Remains
Feb 28 · 138
Mole on Her Chin
Mole on Chin
Your beautiful face with a mole on chin
Attracts me towards you like a magnet
What a sweet smile what an innocent sin
Allow me to take you under the blanket
To whisper all love norms to but play
Let us be life associates for all life
Let us make every day just love day
Allow me to taste beauty as a knife
My beloved you have taken but me
As an appraiser to count every moment
Allow a drop of water to be part of sea
I am a love poet and you are love sonnet
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Mar 2022 Love Remains

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan Sunday, February 27, 2022
Feb 22 · 204
My Last Desire
My Last Desire
I served my country as a of Lord
For innumerable years as my sacred duty
In every pain there was a pleasure
Which kept me with a great solidarity
After such a long service I bit farewell  to arms
But still i cherished every moment of love
A soldier remains in chains with military norms
Being chosen for the duty all from above
But still my last desire is to lay my life
On footprints of my homeland
I still keep my soldiering on a sharp knife
to remain same frequency and band
let me openly declare my hidden desire
So every moment to be retire
Still my love has some passionate fire
To continuously struggle to fulfill to aspire desire
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Feb 2022 Love Remains
Feb 20 · 51
Poisonous Merger
Poisonous Merger
This world is jungle of human beings
Who **** blood of their counterparts to nurture
Humanity has gone to dogs no feelings
Contempt and hatred have poisonous merger
Strong are in search of weak to **** and to swallow
Religion, race and morality haunt on choice
Hollow and shallow go hand in hand to follow
All rascals  in a row to rejoice in straight row
Love remains only solace  to act as a suture to heal
This beauty created by Lord to be praised
To the entire world I have appeal to deal and feel
Humans are humans so status be raised
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Feb 2022 Love Remains
Feb 8 · 158
My Romantic Universe
My Romantic Universe
My love you are centre of the romantic universe
Your warmth makes me like a burning hot sun
In this entire scenario you are wonderfully diverse
Without you I must die and no point of return
Please reciprocate love and resonate in relation
Let me kiss on your forehead and to embrace
My heart my sentiments and my love passion
Your our eyes your cheeks your face and grace
Make me to be lunatic being apple of my eye
Be mine and lt m only belong to you  my love
If I lose you I must not survive but will just die
You are my sweet fortune from heaven above
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright FEB 2022 love Remains
Feb 8 · 155
Love is a sacrifice to achieve eternal heights
And to get spiritual success to elevate soul
Above every contempt and all the dim lights
To resonate with actual mission and goal
My heart bleads to nurture red roses
To feel the swings of spring in joyous mood
Life is a strange drama opens. close
In ecstasy beloved is innocent and crude
Love is to give without any return
it defines and refines all surrounding
it makes body and soul to just burn
it celebrates life in true abounding
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Feb 2022 love remains
Feb 3 · 114
Love is a sacred sin
Love is a sacred sin
Love a sacred sin which passes through a test of time
It culminates at a point where lover becomes a beloved
When in lunacy he declares veracity it becomes crime
It resonates at the same frequency and at the same grid
A slogan vehemently comes as my love resides in me
Butcher me but I will never ever revoke my love promise
Do understand I am but a drop of water in the sea
Love has refined me and defined me as a  true monas
Veracity, sincerity and audacity stand to celebrate
What remains the zenith of love to eternal heights
I am a lunatic poet so may not be able to narrate
What are wonderful and remarkable set of flights
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Feb 2022 Love Remain
Dec 2021 · 116
I Feel Intoxicated
I Feel Intoxicated
My love when you are in front I feel intoxicated
Your sweet smile makes me to dance
What a moment makes constantly celebrated
I am grateful you have given me chance
Your pink lips and your red cheeks
Are wonderful gifts to be kissed and missed
Let me be frank you address all peaks
To seek all fantasies being sweet fantasts
My love my love allow me to see and be pleased
I am nothing without you so be mine
My beautiful beloved you made me but ceased
Let me drink from lips all heavenly wine
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Dec 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 274
Pure And Soft
Pure And Soft
My sweetheart is soft and pure like white rose
Her charm and attraction makes her charismatic
She has the charm and power to but bulldoze
In her own style and fashion she remains fanatic
My heart beats carry her always along to proceed
I see her in me and in my blood from pore to pore
All hidden love instances in her heart I can just read
In my reckoning in the entire world she is to adore
In me she flows in her I travel as her part of heart
Heart to heart we enjoy all love relations at peak
With a flair of love she is a wonderful state of art
With luscious heart I want to kiss her cheek to cheek
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 238
A Love Troth
My Love Troth

My Love Troth
The moment I felt my heartbeat I felt you
I assure you I will never ever forget the beat
I will carry it along through and through
My love I feel wonderful to entertain and greet
I promise that my heart will remain to belong
T your sweet smile and to the warmth
My life path henceforth goes to your path along
Please do understand my love with troth
Let me remind you we are one and the same
We are together heart to heart in true love
Please take my love flame as reality not a blame
You are my sweet fortune dawned from above
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains

Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan
Nov 2021 · 123
A Repressed Desire
A Repressed Desire
A beloved needs to free the repressed desire
Why not to share the twinkling stars to love sky
Delight can only be sought in burning fire
Love has no questions of what where and why
Passion along with emotions to be in the light
Compassion has to be in the company of roses
My love carries her own sorrows  and delight
Love has to surpass obstacles ,opens and closes
Her sweet smile makes me to be in the paradise
She is so enchanting ,beautiful and sweet
I do understand if beguiled a lover can't be wise
She tinkles in my soul ,and in my heart beat
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 122
A Touch Of Love
A Touch Of Love
Dew drops when touch petals of rose
This touch of love make them spellbound
Beauty in its entirety are to bulldoze
Love in romance starts dance all around
Pink lips and pink petals need to take
Every dry dew drop to reinvigorate in love
My love for glowing red cheek 's sake
Dew drops run down from the high above
My love your red lips to be wet with kiss
Let me embrace you in real love trance
My sweetheart, my beloved and my miss
Allow me to take chance after chance
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 70
Dreams To Beams
Dreams To Beams
Life is nothing but just a set of dreams
So one has to fight hard to achieve them
When sincerity makes all a set of beams
Then flowers do bloom on every stem
Pain and pleasure refine to define
Exact direction towards destination
With good intentions one has to align
With his emotion and his passion
Nothing remains impossible my love
Destiny and destination to go in line
Fortune embraces all from the above
Love delight makes all but to shine
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 127
Let Me Praise You
Let Me Praise
My love let me please you in heavenly paradise
With no strings attached to praise your beauty
Let us be together to be out for warmth of sunrise
Let us be more loyal to our sweet love duty
Step by step to be at the zenith of delight
Heart to heart in sizzling every part to please
Let me see to be more wonderfully bright
Let us make these precious moments to cease
I know I understand delicacy of sweet passion
Let be the real players to hide and seek
This is how we can touch the limits of salvation
Let me kiss embrace and kiss your cheek  
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Nov 2021 · 116
Sorrow And Misery
Sorrow And Misery
Your love nourished me with solace and sweet bliss
My heart and my soul overjoyed in wonderful trance
You reinvigorated my spirits with enchanting kiss
And I felt bliss to take chance after chance in a glance
But then your beauty became a test and polluted me
Your new acquiescence with my rival took me to pain
My beloved you left me in agony and distress in a sea
Tormented heart and soul to feel severe pain in chain
With bruised body and distorted mind I lost my asset
I do not know how to cope up in this sheer distress
My courage and my honesty drowned to take threat
I am torn out I guess and I also lost my honor and bless
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 love Remains
Nov 2021 · 115
Love Tribute To Beauty
Love Tribute To Beauty
Passion and devotion make love worship
Beauty reinvigorates the fiery domain
Beauty is vision to celebrate wine sip by sip
What a wonderful string and a chain
My love I love you with a strong grip
So that I keep you near to heart to listen
All symphony of my heart on love trip
To get enlightened gracefully to glisten
Love is dancing all around to pay tribute
Your innocence and fragrance are on my side
What a marvelous gift with sweet attribute
My love be heart to heart to just ride beside
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Nov 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 329
The Romantic Fantasies
Romantic Fantasies
When in love she closes her eyes
She sees her lover hand in hand
In her heart resonate all  love cries
Being on one frequency one band
All around are all colors of love dance
This is state of ecstasy she has to belong
What a state of beauty in romance
When heart frankly sings real love song
Allow me to be the part of glory
Let us feel my love heart to heart
Let me be part of your memory
This is the end as well as fresh start
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 48
Pain And Patience
Pain And Patience
Pain and patience are the part of fortune
They happen to refine the heart and soul
Let me freely dance on this real love tune
To know how to achieve ones every goal
Pain is sensation to deform to reform
Patience is to accept suffering and to bear
Love is a painful experience to inform
How to mend ones passion as soothsayer
To understand reality in every step to know
How one becomes able to go through
It is an emotion which in blood to but flow
Being fully sensible and being really true
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 229
Sizzling Beauty
Sizzling Beauty
When beauty is sizzling then heart is drizzling
Passion wonderfully plays its part in love
When beloved is in love then beauty is in spring
Paradise spreads its wings from the above
Life takes its toll on everything in vicinity
Heart dances to attract a beloved to domain
Beauty is sanity while love is just insanity
Both when bloom make a real love chain
My love please be in love to reciprocate
As a victim of love I cherish every sweet stride
In my odes and sonnets its love I narrate
My sweet love is well known just far and wide
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 47
Follow Straight Path
Follow Straight Path
To encounter any wrath, follow straight path
Lord is gracious to make you successful
Light must remain like a little glowing moth
Rewarded are those who are the blissful
Depression and distraction make one unfortunate
So diligence and caution are to be upheld
Clean hearts are those who are blessed and great
Blessed are those who are truly excelled
Lord is great to help in sheer dejection
If we follow the real verdict we get but all
All our actions must help us to perfection
Clean hearts are those who receive love call
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 44
Life Is Reciprocity
Life Is Reciprocity
Life is a set of reciprocity What we get we pay back
This balance in dealings help to explore love
So we have to  be fair to follow always the right track
By analyzing life from below as well as from above
Beauty in action comes with selection of right measures
Let us be victorious by spreading virtue and not vice
There is no dearth of wonderful and precious treasures
But for that we require vigilance how to pay the price
Virtue has its own reward has strongly been spelt
It brings light to life to make it more glorious
Wisest of the wise know how to be specifically dealt
Let us be righteous to be more just victorious
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 59
Hard Times Pass By
Hard Times Pass By
My sweetheart, hard times come to pass by
So never lose hope rather keep it intact
Never think about the how where and why
Reality remains enlightened just in fact
Fate or fortune is the prerogative of Lord
Accept the truth it may be very bitter or sweet
You are really the most beloved ward
As a matter of fact you no one will ever to beat
Lord is Great and greater are His decisions

We may feel disheartened at many times
Truth shines with its light as one envisions
Mercy of Lord is always greater than crimes
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 117
Spell To Activate
Spell To Captivate
Her intoxicating smile captivates my heart
Her beauty has her killing spell to captivate
Her tresses take my heart to make a start
To be a lover of a beauty as sweet associate
Her bouquet of colorful flowers are fragrant
Her sweet figure takes but a universe along
Her marvelous beauty is free and just vagrant
My pride remains to me that  to me she belong
My life with her is just like an evergreen spring
I love her for her wonderful style and fashion
My love makes with her beauty a n eternal string
She is my heart my soul and my sweet passion
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 92
A Moth Of Hope
A Moth Of Hope
This world is full of trials and tribulations
So one has to pass through all disappointments
A moth of hope is on some far off stations
To provide a little hope in these bleak appointments
Man with a heart of lion can remain in a love line
A fortunate can taste heavenly sweet wine to come up
To win the heart of a beloved to but establish fine
Fortunate carries his own wonderful and sweet life cup
Difficult times do test patience of a real strong man
His destiny and destination remain ready to embrace
His entire struggle is to be at the top in life span
What a wonderful pace towards a wonderful grace
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2021 Love Remains
Oct 2021 · 208
Like A Burning Sun
Like A Burning Sun
She is optimistic and full of energy to play
Her friendly sweet smile takes all in all
Her joy and happiness remains talk of the day
Her wonderful posture makes a sensual call
She is like a burning sun in her sweet warmth
She takes me on when I lose all hope in life
She remains world best and eternal sweet troth
I want to cut myself with her sharp primal knife
Her style and fashion are symbol of excellence
She has taken over all my heart and my soul
Even in her absence I feel her fragrant presence
She remains my ultimate mission and goal
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 96
Without You
Without You
You have left me in this burning desert all alone
How will I live without you In this miserable condition
I do not know how you can my love just disown
But still owe debt to you to send me out of the prison  
Now I will have my own way to tread my path to go
But throughout  I will have your shadow along
In my inner troubles and pains I may just tear to blow
Since the love is hidden in me to you I belong
Let my Love Be now to my unknown destination
I am leaving behind with you my real asset
I owe my sentiments my emotions and my passion
I am now very sorry my love on the day we met
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 96
Love In Rain
Love In Rain
In drizzling rain you and me my love
Are playing in the rain drops
Rain increases our passion my dove
Love for beauty really swaps
This hide and seek from beak to beak
Increases love fire to burn in rain
My sweetheart my heart is tis to seek
How to get pleasure to avoid pain
My love this world is transitory
And we have limited to but survive
Lets take all pleasure to feel free
So lets revive to honorably thrive
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 88
Love Kisses Her
Love Kisses Her  
She in her own style stretches her arm
Love kisses her beauty to make her marvelous
Beauty has her own fashion and norm
Her this action is most cruel and slaughterous
I am no more and she stands everywhere
She has taken away me from me
I am a novice and she remains a player
How could I face her on what plea
She has taken away my life and my soul
Still I am ready to sacrifice what I can
Sublimity of my love remains my only goal
I am a staunch lover from the lover's clan
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remans
Sep 2021 · 79
My Sole Effort
My Sole Effort
My love You prayed for me to be away
So now I am in a desert to live alone
But I will try my level best just to array
I have decided to just shone ,out shown
Amidst sand dunes I see you as a mirage
And think about you, your irrational behavior
In this waterless land I feel the full swash
I feel all around me your fragrance and flavor
My love I wanted to remain without you
Without any water in this burning desert
You may appear to me as a drop of dew
I will carry you along just as my sole effort
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 84
My Experience
My Experience
Let me assure you my sweetheart
I will pick all thorns from your path
I want you to be with me from start
For your sake I can take all wrath
Pleasure is mine even if I am in pain
I understand all reality being in love
I do know my rivals are surely insane
So let me share my experience now
In the entire world there is but no one
Like you my love,I do love and to tell  
Your streaks of beauty pass like sun
Let me take you in my arms to dwell
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
Sep 2021 · 93
The Ultimate Longing
The Ultimate Longing
Let me celebrate the most precious moments I spent
In your sweet company under your golden tresses
The abode which carry all solace ,satisfaction to imprint
Where my sweet dreams carried along love palaces
I do cherish the taste and fragrance which I took
From your beautiful body with all its sensual pleasure
I read your contents well presented in the book
What a garden of beautiful roses what a treasure
I am enthralled and lost my self in such a beauty
Where love just surrounds the flames of burning fire
In your company I am more satisfied more free  
You are my real ultimate longing and ultimate desire
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
Sep 2021 · 80
Faith And Belief
Faith And Belief
My sweetheart it is sheer faith and belief
The more one believes, the greater the chances
One with clean heart solace finds relief
Every wish comes true in but true romances
My love love is a sacred trust for life
Its not an easy job to dwell with for times to come
One has to travel on sharp edged knife
Life at time is soothing at times troublesome
My love we have to accept each other with all
We have to pass through thorns
But yet to come up and never ever to just fall
Life is full of shining suns and storms
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 141
My Sweet Love Mon
My Sweet Love Moon
My sweet love moon lands in my  lawn
This brings love fever to me and to my mate
I can see all love prospects in this dawn
Beauty is marvelous and love is really great
I feel a strange sensation in my blood
All around all colors of love are to dance
My heart carries my passion as a flood
I have been bestowed with a love chance
Let me celebrate these moments my love
Be with me in this sweet and charming state
Lord is extra kind to us from all above
Let us be together and let us be straight
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 285
Pain In Love Chain
Pain In Love Chain
My love your heart is so inncent so tender and so sweet
Hence you can see any human in torture and pain
For this sweet trait I love you and want to be my heartbeat
So that beauty be praised and taken in love chain
I know world has its own mockeries and its own tricks
But with clean hearts we will be able to overcome all
With sincerity of purpose all difficulties we will just fix
We will be able to forestall and to encounter any wall
Love needs sacrifice and we have to be ready to take it
Pain and pleasure go hand in hand in this transitory life
We have to be ready to face and never ever but to quit
So my sweetheart let us be out of all this to play the fifer
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2020 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 477
To Celebrate Love
To Celebrate Love
My love I remember you and feel blue
Red sweet roses remind me your cheeks
Being in agony I want to but pursue
My heart anxiously is ready to pursue
To be with you where ever you are
Intensity of love never leaves me alone
To be on stars toby removing a bar
Let my lobe be in your sweet love zone
I carry you in my heart and in soul
Now I want to be heart to heart to glow
I am determined you are my goal
So let be together to to celebrate show
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2o21 Love Remains
Sep 2021 · 60
A Flying Kiss
A Flying Kiss
A flying kiss takes heart my miss
It touches the soul to achieve its goal
Like a gift of love, a surprising bliss
A lover is taken just really as a whole
Heart dances and dangles in its style
A beloved plays the flute of love song
Love remains stun just for a while
Heartbeats tell to whom they belong
Heart to heart my love, love resonates
From the heartbeats beauty is praised
From eyes to eyes beauty but narrates
Passion stands aside but totally amazed
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Sept 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 103
Miraculous Beauty
Miraculous Beauty
So sweet and so beautiful in whispering spring
You are a gift of God I must admit and praise
With mellowing voice like flowing stream to sing
With a kiss of love she may burst just ablaze
Like a song of love let me sing you on flute
Note by note let me enjoy melodious symphony
Like a cherry fruit so juicy so sweet and cute
Every one around you is impressed by versatility
Your charms and graces make me but insane
I love you ,praise you sweet companion of my heart
You miraculous beauty drags me to love chain
Let me hold your hand my love never ever to depart
©️Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 71
Sense of Togetherness
Season of Togetherness
Snow is failing and winter is in real bloom
Snow flakes are falling down being so soft
And in my blanket I remember with gloom
Your image dances in front and just in aloft
Pain of loneliness travels in heart and soul
I love you and still celebrate your presence
How can I forget your cheeks with mole
When you have left your body with fragrance
Please come our my sweetheart in winter
I will die without you I just do understand
This winter is season of togetherness to stir
Our hearts and bodies on same musical band
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Aug 2021 · 68
Beautiful Beloved
Beautiful Beloved
My sweetheart you are wonderfully beautiful to be loved
Your sweetness travels in my blood but to energize
You travel in my heartbeats my sweetest beautiful beloved
Love takes away all wisdom from me not to be wise
You have reinvigorated my spirits and made my passion
Ever burning like an eternal source of love to grow and glow
A volcano of desire, a veritable kiss from the burning sun
My love, love is inherent in my body and in my soul to show
That love rules the world a force to take and celebrate
The event time and again as the sole reality of human nature
How can I remain speechless in love just not to narrate
I want to associate with my you soulmate in love to nurture
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Aug 2021 · 89
Self Made Man
Self Made Man
One is fortunate who believes in hard work
To be rich and successful it remains a bless
It is good to achieve heights with but any irk
It gives progress under stress for success
There is always a place at top that person
Who consciously and consistently pursue
The pillar remains motivation and passion
It is for few who remain steadfast and true
They are kissed by the nature on forehead
They will remain in hitory for times to come
They remain alive amongst those all dead
Honour and respect make them to become
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 267
Singing Heartbeat
Singing Heartbeat
Let me take you eye to eye Let me beat heart to heart
In the ocean of love let us sail hand in hand
You my love are so sweet and beautifully smart
You are from fairyland and wonderfully grand
I can't resist your sweet glance in sheer romance
So give me time to resume myself to but confront
What a chance after a chance which really enhance
To be just in forefront to always bear the brunt
You are a beam of light to enlighen my soul my love
You ****** in me as a sweet singing heartbeat
My love stance is so staunch destined from all above
No one can deceit and no one can ever defeat
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 65
My Butterfly
My Sweet Butterfly
My sweetheart is a sweet colourful butterfly
Who is persuasive ,impulsive and charming
Her love makes me transformed and just free
Her beauty surpasses over others in sparking
She is my soul which keeps my body intact
Her beauty is like a full moonlit night to glow
She has snatched heart as a matter of fact
She is known well for her style and her show
She stands for transformation and hope
She is my love my power and my passion
She is a fine friend to call and to provoke
She remains for me complete satisfaction
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 169
She Carries A Universe
She Carries A Universe
She carries in herself a universe of her own
With a stream of love and sweet singing birds
For her sparkling figure she is well known
Her green eyes speak all sensual sweet words
She always carries fire of love in her chest
She carries her sweet lover just side by side
In her beauty she really remains the best
For which she remains famous far and wide
In her heart she just carries her own twilight
Her romantic mood portays her sweet graces
Like a beam of light she accompanys in flight
From places to places ,from paces to paces  
With a burning sun she looks but really divine
I lover her praise her for the wonderful beauty
She with her sensuality carries two cups of wine
To love my beloved remains my absolute duty
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 71
Whispering Wind
Whispering Wind
Why to wait over a bridge for too long
My love its not good to remain in waiting
Follow the footsteps to lover you belong
Ever since you started my love in dating
It is good to be together to know just all
Only whispering of wind will communicate
Love is light from heart to heart love call
Let us be associate to sweetly consumate
My sweetheart every station is not to stay
Life is a process of continuous change
So my love let us be vigilant today to play
Life is a reality so straight and so strange
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 196
Ready To Flow
Ready To Flow
Rain drops on her cheeks glorify beauty
Her pink lips speak volumes of graces
In a trance of romance she feels just free
Love at a glance feels but embraces
Drops of water on her soft skin plan a show
To enthral and to beguile wosoever on the way
She is no more in herself but ready to flow  
Sensual atmosphere reinvigorates love to play
Let me taste the sensuality for perfection
Let me explore the etenal love to understand
Her sweet curves make easy all selection
To be on one frequency and on one love band
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
Aug 2021 · 91
Her Longing
Her Longing
Glowing eyes and smiling lips what a beauty
Her attraction plays with my heart to take over
All of me such a beauty all for me just free
For her longing and desire I have become rover
She takes my heart and plays like a player
With my heart to make me more and more
My sweetheart my dear dove my teenager
I am in love I have to explore and to adore
Let me my love make you part of my heart
Let me kiss you and embrace in sheer trance
Be mine my dear never ever to but depart
At a glance I aspire for chance after chance
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Aug 2021 Love Remains
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