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18h · 33
The Praise
The Praise
The Most Beneficient the Most Affectionate
Let me praise your greatness with all sincerity
Allow me in sheer love to bow and prostrate
Your love keeps me from all the shackles free
Only your Kindness keeps me away,asunder
In your duty I feel priviliged and reinvigorated
Smilingly I face all flames of fire and thunder
I feel honored to You Icarry a bond, associated
Eternal love my eternal Patron inthe diversity
For welfare of humanity You created the Love
Please help and protect me in every difficulty
I know You are Master of Destiny from above
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
I May Not Come Back
My love I may not come back from the frontier
But I assure you I will always be look after you
For your sweet attitude I am always a volunteer
You can bank upon me through and through

My passion for you is at its extreme you know
My sentiments gleam through my heart and soul
For your sake I can go through any rut to glow
I can sacrifice my life on your cheeks sweet mole

You need money and I have become a machine
I will work and work till I become but senseless
My maturity takes all your desires being a teen
Your love for me remain a source of real bless

Forgive me if I do not come up to your expectations
Pray for me and for my soul if I do not come back
Life, my love is nothing but a set of very many stations
It goes through very many tracks before coming to track

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan
2d · 10
Ever Near
Ever Near
Allah is ever near responding to my prayer
When I walk towards Him He rushes to me
Like a loving mother He loves takes all care
Embraces me like a drop of water to the sea

When I walk He runs and takes me to domain
Being Creator of me and the entire universe
He takes me in beautiful and sweet love chain
I have the honor to be unique and diverse

My soul is His great gift my body is His praise
He declres me His vicegerant and a slave
I submit and my submission just always pays
He gives me courage and fortitude to be brave

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
3d · 31
Ghazal 155850
Muhammad Khalid Khan
December 14, 2018 ·
Tum kaho to main bus wahan rakhon
Itnay dil main kahan kahan rakhon
Hay sanam khaana ye jahan sara
Tum kaho main zuban kahaan rakhon
Husan nay hosla barhaya hay
Ishq ko kiyun na darmian rakhon
Ang ang main charagh jaltay hain
Hain andheray kahaan kahaan rakhon
Hay Bhanwar main ye zindgi saari
Kia main kishti main badban rakhon
To mujay mil gia tha rastay main
Pass kiyun ab main do jahan rakhon
Zard sahra main hay safar sara
Sar pa phir kiyun main aasman rakhon
Umar sa kaisa lena dena hay
Dil ko aye jan na kiyun jawan rakhon
Sath hain teray shahr bhar ka log
Dil ko main kitna bad guman rakhon
Mehr dushman howa jahan sara
Bolo janaan ko main kahaan rakhon
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Hath Main Hath
3d · 34
In Union
The beneficent ,the merciful and the kind maker
The glorious,the greatest and the eternal refuge
My Master my Lord remains always my care taker
He protects me from every disaster and deluge

He has hundreds and thousands but I have none
Only He is the one who takes care of me in difficulty
His mercy prevails He says and all is just done
His eternal love of seventy mothers make me free

But being a heartless creature I do have complains
I feel dejected ,depressed and disappointed man
He in sheer love rushes to me just like dazzling rains
Before I turn to be ungrateful He takes me in union

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Allah you are the most Merciful and Gracious
This is what is part of my faith and my belief
I do know that only you can make us audacious
We are unable to take any pain or any grief

We are staunch believers that only you can ruin
Being Supreme Commonder of the entire universe  
We submit to you to please save from this illusion
Please be kind enough to save us from the curse

Entire humanity is praying for permanent solace
From this serious illness and to but just overcome
We with all our helpness beg to your kind grace
Please help us to away from this state troublesome

You are Great Master and we are disease stricken
We are also totally helpless and we are in dire need
We in our faith do belive will happen what written
It is your choice whether you make us bleed or freed

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
3d · 30
I Am Yours
I am yours
Let your feelings flow in time
Let me see myself as a beam
Lets commit an innocent crime
Let us go together as a team

Let our sighs narrate our passion
Let our sentiments crop up high
Let me see love dancing fashion
In your lap allow me just to die

Love is light and light is love
You are mine and I am yours
Beauty delights me from above
My heart dances through contours

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
3d · 25
Don't Miss Me
Don’t Miss Me
You have thrown me in the desert full of thorns
Now I have gone through all pain and pleasure
Be careful my sixth sense crops up and informs
My love has no bounds to take this real treasure

Don’t ask from me what I have to do in this exile
I will try to cover this barren land with bare feet
At times I do forget about you just for a while
But I have burnt my heart and soul in burning heat

Let us not to remember let us straight away forget
Let be frank to change destination with destiny
Don’t challenge my sagacity I have to vehemently bet
My sweet beloved my sweetheart my sweet honey

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
3d · 26
I Have to Strive
I Have to Strive
It was your decision to send me to this barren land
Where I may not survive to tell you but anything
Under blazon burning sun it’s all around but sand
I seem to be that bird that has lost but every wing

In amidst of this really strange burning land
I have to have a decision to make but to survive
I don’t know whether I will overcome this sand
But under all these circumstances I have to strive

But my love if I fail please forget me and forgive
We are humans chained in shackles of destiny
Whether I die in distress or come to you if I live
My this valid stance is only on the pure love plea

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
4d · 26
The Laborer
I am by birth a laborer and work for solace
My life is full of trials and tribulations I admit
But do not look down upon me I have grace
I have wonderful light on face I never submit

Please do not take me for granted I do warn
I know the greatness of work and I am pleased
With my relentless efforts my efforts to adorn
I will work ceaselessly before I just go deceased  

I have worked for legitimate and will continue
My inner soldier reinvigorates my sweet spirits
I will pursue my efforts through and through
Beauty of my soul surpasses to but metaphysics

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
I am a member of team and love to work
It is love which makes me reliable and strong
A lot of plesure and acquaintance is bulwark
I am a man of love and to love I do belong

Trust and sincerity make me a valiant soldier
Creating deep interactions are but needed
I have clarity of mission and vision not just blur
I am man of duty to which I certainly acceeded

My ultimate love is for humanity and country
I have taken a difficult path to my destination
I am a soldier from head to my heart and free
Do not test my style and my passionate passion

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
My Love My Master
In this helplessness and dejection I have no one to recall
But my Lord you are only one who can bring me solace
I have no escape surrounded but fromhigh  wall to wall
I can't find any one less you who  can take me pace to pace

You have gracely paved my way from every torture,pain
I have never been able to stive in my life but you took me
To my destination with all your mercy in all dazzling rain
I never deserved a drop of water but your guided me to sea

My Lord I have wonderful gift from you as soul to associate
Our One on one relation was the outcome with your kindness
I love you I praise you and bow my head in fron to narrate
You are my Master in love you always looked after me to bless

Col Muhammad khalid Khan
6d · 48
Fortune of Lover
Fortune of Lover
My love you remained the centre of my dreams
I have had your taste throughout my life my love
You provided me help in darkness with your beams
This is what it was destined from heaven above

Now I have neither you nor any dream to cherish
All colors have lost their beauty and their style
Without you I was nothing but a just thing to perish
My life has chunks of rememberance for a while

I think about you to glow then a pain of loneliness
Comes to play with my sentiments and my passion
Life without you is nothing but with you was bless
What a fortune of a lover and what a celebration

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
6d · 38
Look Back
Look Back
Love is soft and tender to but deal
So it remains dormant and hidden
Unless a wound of the past to heal
It remains like a fruit totally forbidden

My love its spring season that reminds
Your love with me and your grces grace
In its entirety it takes me on and binds
To be heart to heart and just face to face

I am totally lost in this wonderful affair
You changed me and my life I appreciate
From an ordinary man made soothsayer
With all sincerity of heart I must narrate

If it is possible please do come to see
My eyes have gone dim in waiting my love
If possible please this drop back to sea
Sheer sincerity can change destiny from above

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Love Remains Love
7d · 47
My Dreams
My Dreams
My love you remain in my dreams
I can feel you in my heart beats
Frpm chinks I can see light beams
Let me draw you on blank sheets

Life is a set of different streams
Vice and virtue go hand in hand
My love love dominates it seems
What a wonderful band so grand

Your beauty has taken over me
Now I am no more my love I know
Love is so vast and green sea
A stream which takes me to flow

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
7d · 35
Heart To Reveal
Heart To Reveal
My love be open to reveal your heart
Let us be lovers on the path of love
Let me kiss you and embrace to start
Teach me all norms of how and now

This revealation may dawn on to flow
Let me see the origin of beauty in trance
Be a north star to glow and just to show
How love in all sincerity can take a chance

Love me and allow me to love being frank
Show me all hidden treasure in one go
I am impressed by your style and swank
Let me have the pleasure to really know

For the sake of times to come on the way
Let us be more wise not to be victim of rivals
Let me hand to hand ,heart to heart to play
Let have all revivals for graceful survivals

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 23 · 38
I Love You
I Love You Dear - Poem by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan
I Love You
Spring has come to kiss you my love
Roses are in abundance to say Hello
My beloved my sweetheart my dove
Stream of passion flows to make glow

Romance is in a dance, beauty in trance
Let me kiss you embrace you to see
Your every move instigates to take chance
I do not know what the end could be

Beauty is all around to make me please
I lost in a wonderful situation my love
Romantic moves make all but to cease
Let take all in true spirits from the above

This is love I love you my love to pursue
Till last breath I have given you but all
Our heartbeats further narrate out of blue
How love proceeds to heavenly path on call

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan
Mar 22 · 69
Sweetness of Moments
Sweetness of Moment
I am glade to have you with me my love
It seems that spring has come to shower flowers
Your innocene and essence are like dove
Your beauty surpasses the height of all towers

What a moment to cherish for the times to come
What a wonderful experience to be hand in hand
Like a beautiful fairy you my love are where from
Let us dangle and dance on same frequency ,band

Sweet are the people who change life of others
Wonderful are the moments which remain alive
This is how going to happen miracles and wonders
This is how love to gracefully thrive and to survive

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 21 · 90
Romantic Reverie
Romantic Reverie
My love I see you in my dreams I carry you in my heart
I feel you spreading in me like a sweet fragrance
Please do not leave me alone and never ever depart
Please help me to develop my confidence and resillience

For me you are my only associate in all my pursuits
It is your love which makes miracles to happen to narrate
My love love tree remains full of all sweet love fruits
My soul be my soul communicate love my sweet soulmate

Please be wise and do not challenge my sincerity
Be mine like a wine to make me but intoxicated my love
Love nourishes if terms of refrence declared with clarity
Let us have faith in each other destined all from above

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 20 · 41
A Message of Love
A Message of Love
Love is a relation from eyes to eyes
Which goes deep dwn from heart to heart
Pain and pleasures are love cries
It is an affair from part to part and to depart

Sincerity is what an essence of love to pursue
Beauty ignites the affair to its ultimate end
My sweetheart is a red rose with drop of dew
It makes stones to turn and then to bend

Love with different shades with different trends
Proceeds with love's essence and fragrance
Love surpasses beauty in all respect and sends
A message to convey essence in real sense

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 20 · 32
Innocent Surprise
Innocent Surprise
My beloved is so innocent that she does not understand
What are the intricacies of love and how to withstand
She has her own frequency and she her own sweet band
In her wonderful  beauty she has her own brand to be grand

We remain heart to heart and hand to hand in our love
She is my sweetheart my beloved like white wind dove
Definitely she is from fairies land somewhere from above
I do not know from when and how we surpassed in love

Still she is so pure so chaste like an angel from paradise
Her innocence and fragrance could make me but so wise
She is just like a beautiful and wonderful surprise to rise
My heart dictates me the wonders of this innocent surprise

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Love Remains Love ,2020
Mar 20 · 31
Glow of Light
Glow of Light
It is not easy to embrace eternal truth of love
One has to pass through very many rough patches
A beam of light always guides from the above
Fiery path also has its most difficult burning patches

Love needs realization with head on ones hands
Truth needs courage of Mansoor to be cut in pieces
Its a thorny path on rythmical tune of different bands
At times reinvigorates and at times suddenly ceases

Ultimate love and ultimate truth is a glow of light
My Lord is a burning lamp so pure and wonderfully hidden
I do know that if I intend to see Him I will lose sight
This love path remains for extraordinary for ordinary forbidden

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 19 · 37
Till Last Breath
Till Last Breath
You are as near in me as my heart is in body
I can feel tinkling of heart in me ,is this love
My sweetheart this is how you take me to embody
Without asking any silly question when ,how

I feel you beside me when I am just all alone
Some of my rivals say I have gone my love insane
My loneliness is a zone to make me moan
My every moment spent with you is like a love chain

My love take me on before it is too late to return
You can tear me into pieces or play with me game of death
You can throw me into the big flames of fire to burn
I will with out any complaint will prove lover till last breath

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 19 · 29
Prayer For Mercy
A Prayer for Mercy
Mercy mercy oh Lord of the heaven and earth
We are dependent on you right from the birth
Please save us from all severe deadly ailments
Please be more kind like mother on our predicament
If you leave us we will face but sheer disaster
We are just helpless slaves and you are Master
Mercy mercy mercy on poor innocent souls
Please help us to achieve our determined goals
If you leave we will destroy for ever never to be seen
We know that in the hearts of your heart you are keen
To help to support and to save us from disease
Only you can help our irritatingb state to ease
Master remains Master and remains always kind
We know we are the sinners but please don't mind
Release us from the shackles of this endless fear
Help us to be straight in our dealings to just bear
Your are Master of the heaven and earth to grace
Let us kiss you in trance and let us but embrace
Help us to come upto your expectations to see
How a drop of water is taken by a great grand sea

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 17 · 28
Priceless Beauty
Priceless Beauty
Don't ask me the price of love my love
That is like flame which may burn me alive
Soul to soul I have to sacrify my dove
Allow me to be with you and to just dive

To be eternal from with heart and soul
I am your staunch lover with all sincerity
What sweet cheeks with a black mole
I want to see all reality with but all clarity

There is no price for a priceless beauty
My love I have the honor to be in your love
Whenever I am in remembrance ,on duty
My sweetheart my beloved my sweet dove

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 17 · 37
Love-Joint Venture
Love -Joint Venture
My love allow me to follow passionate path of love
Your innocence essence and fragrance took me to brim
Let now break all hurdles to accept verdict from above
Let feel more reinvigorated in this situation but so grim

Let be two souls flying hand in hand to just search
What all life offers from iys ***** knot to accept
Let my love embrace more freedom in love to lurch
Let us expose all emotions so far hidden and kept

Allow me to kiss and kiss your from head to toe
Let me taste every drop of wine from the cups
Let us jump in vast green ocean of love to flow
Let me explore all heavenly destinations from ups

Please don't stop me let me sail to the other end
Let me be part and parcel of a romantic adventure
Allow m e to dangle, dance to bow and to bend
Be gracious and extend all help in this joint venture

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 15 · 43
Sweet Love Saga
Love Saga
Spring has come to tell me about promises
In which you told me to come back to me
So my dear please come to rhyme with verses
Of love which I have written for you to be

Let me be my love associate with blooming roses
Allow me to praise you in poetry and in prose
Love needs from beauty sweet romantic doses
So be great to embrace to allow me to propose

Let us be fair in this love episode to but just win
Whatever life offers to you my love and to me
Heart to heart heart with really love sweet sin
Let us be together like a vast golden green sea

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 15 · 27
All prophets show us the right path to God
They also declare what is right and what is wrong
Satan has his own tricks to play with squad
By playing nausty with his sweet ***** vicious song

The innocent human lose their way in the darkness
If not guided by their senses they but go astray
The devil knows how to derail mind how to garnish
Hence the followers lose their light not to play

The dirtiest ones become victim to do irrational things
To creat a ***** situation to take innocent in palm
By using their strings to exploit and to cut virtuous wings
With the help of just creating doubt fear and qualm

Let me assure you my people vice can not surpass virtue
God's verdict remains final under all stress and strain
In most difficult circumstances mercy comes out of blue
Like a righteous people we have to suffer to bear pain

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 14 · 38
Soul in Trance
Soul in Trance
He gives his soul and takes my heart
Love reciprocates with beauty my love
Life is a set of part and just depart
What a merciful dazzling rain from above

Lover with heart remains in vogue
It travels from but place to place to pursue
My sweetheart you are in prologue
Sincerity in love remains a drop of dew

Heart to heart travels love communication
Eyes to eyes love message is but to go
Come my love with sheer emotion and passion
Let me take you in my veins just to flow

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 13 · 39
Matter of Pride
Matter of Pride
In essence love is but a baby step
In fragrance it surpasses fragrance of rose
In wilderness it is really a giant step
In reality it is something to just bulldoze

Whosoever comes across is overtaken by passion
It has its own shades and colors to injure
It has its own style and its own wonderful fashion
It knows when and how to just conjure

Two sweet hearts in one golden chain
It has its own warmth like a blazon burning sun
Its mercy in dazzling dangling rain
It is matter of pride ,and job very well done

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 12 · 58
Love Imprint
Love Imprint
She is like a real smouldering fire to take me on
In dazzling rain of beauty with pure dew drops
Her sparkling light makes me to taste the dawn
There are very many places on the way stops

Me to appreciate real romantic pleasure to taste
My sweetheart I love you from the core of my heart
Please be mine i am neither in hurry nor in haste
Remain in my heart as a treasure never ever to depart

Let you be the light house to show me the path
Don't ask me for any explanation or for any comment
For your sake I can take over any unpleasant wrath
Please do not make me to remove any sweet love imprint

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 12 · 55
Love Remains Love
Love is Love
Your cruel attitude has turned my heart into a stone
Without any emotions and without any feelings
My rivals have succeeded to make me but all alone
With all their ***** designs and clumsy dealings

My love I wanted to make this desert as bed of flowers
But due to all misunderstanding it has gone to dogs
It remains no more innocent love but game of powers
Now all love songs have gone down to voices of frogs

But still I have trust in my sincerity of love to glow
Still in moonlit nights I see you in moon and appreciate
I am still convinced it was just a momentary blow
We will be together again to love selflessly to narrate

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 11 · 27
Sighs and Cries
Sighs and Cries
She said you are different as I know
From all others who are from your tribe
I my sweetheart could know in one go
I take love as a love and not like a bribe

Its sincerity of actions which speak loud
Its the portrayal of inner self in ones eyes
It is how a new individual feels in crowd
Feelings have no apparent sighs and cries

Let me admit I am different because I take
Innocence as fragrance and not more or less
A girl an innocent sweet girl and not a cake
Human is a human who carries along bless

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 11 · 27
Struggle is Worship
Struggle is Worship
We have to strive to be true humans
From beginning till end this must be pursuit
We should not forget to stop carries sins
Sheer hard work always brings delicious fruit

Prophet Muhammad in the company of associate
Suddenly saw the hands of one of his disciple
He called him near to inquire about this state
The follower told he works for the kids revival

With love and affection Prophet kissed his hand
And praised for his success in world and hereafter
He called for him Allah's mercy to be really grand
What a wonderful disciple what a wonderful master

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
A Salute To Women On Women's Day -
Poem by Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

God has created women with tenderness and delicacy
The entire world is bound to take care and to agree
She came out of the ribs of man and a part of heart is plea
So it is obligatory to extend all respect and to know and see

Women have sharp sixth sense like few selected called leaders
So as a matter of fact we should not be biased but be the pleaders
No one else has quality to create but the women which glitters
Men should accept the dignity honour respect and shouldn't be misers

Women are mixture of love and beauty which continue to cherish
In hour of trial and tribulation she never leaves someone to perish
World ows its strength and beauty to the beauty and strength of women
She wears the crown of creation being elegant and great with devotion

Salute to all women who create persevere and bring peace and prosperity
They are the beacon of light from home to home and country to country
For their refinement of sixth sense I am proud of but definitely just envy
From the core of my heart I appreciate their services in all relations openly

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Mar 7 · 52
Please Show Concern
Show Concern
Please put your hand on my heart show concern
My love I am in dire need of touch of yours to say
I am in need of your attention so please do discern
In my dark life my love you are the only light ray

I am in trouble with out you be near and beside
Help me to be in me make me stable in this state
My love, your beauty be together far and wide
My love for you remains wonderfully just so great

Take me don't break me help me remain composed
You are the only hope in this world of cruel rivals
Let your love be frank straightforward and exposed
Be mine openly in all subtle difficulties and trials

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 7 · 33
I must be happy within to associate
With the universe around me to see
The answer is in love so to narrate
Furthermore beauty carries only plea

Let me be a passionate lover to glow
Let me be satiated with but all around
Let me be fit to face untoward blow
Let real fragrance to but just surround

Resonance is needed badly in stress
This may reinvigorate my soul in trance
Its a real mercy and blessing with bless
It is a trance which gives a fair chance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 7th March 2020
Mar 7 · 37
For All Lovers All
For All Lovers
My eyes were stunned to see Kaba empty
A place which used be surrounded by all lovers
Fear dominated love to but just see
How vice surpasses with hippocratic black covers

Foes and rivals are in a pursuit to stop
The encircling of moths around a burning lamp
How can clean hearts and souls to drop
How to be more in their love in the love camp  

Lord help the followers to follow dictate without fear
Be merciful and increase them in strength
To dominate over all satanic tricks to be more near
To you and not to be away from you in length

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 6 · 52
Eternal Delight
Eternal Delight
So sweet like a blooming flower of rose
With her wonderful personality she can conquer
Every heart ,every soul she can buldoze
She has the quality to implore and to conure

My sweet heart I have really no words to appreciate
Your kindness of heart your fragrance of soul
My heart beats are in association but to just narrate
You are a sweet wonderful lady just as a whole

Let me present my heart to satiate your heart
Let me be open in praising glowing beams of light
Please be my part my love never ever to depart
Let me be the part my love of eternal sweet delight

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 6 March 2020
Mar 5 · 42
Love With Love
Love With Love
My love your love when touches me
I just become not drop but love of sea
What could the state of intoxication be?
How I transformed in love without plea
Wine of love when offered in trance
I prefer to take just chance after chance
To offer my love as the price of glance
Let my love in jubilation to dance
Beauty of beloved runs in entire universe
This is phenomenon unique and diverse
To be in is mercy to be out is a curse
What a miracle let me to converse
Love is but everlasting and evergreen
It is chaste and pure like blooming teen
A scene which was never ever seen
My curiosity makes me deeply keen
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
Mar 4 · 39
Heavenly Abode
Heavenly Abode
You look more beautiful when you wear your heart
Your passion intixicates me to dangle and to dance
Be heart to heart listen music of love never to depart
Embrace me kiss me take me to trance give chance

My love let us forget the world let be to gether to listen
Heartbeats to understand how love deals with beauty
Love is a pure passion my love do not take it as a sin
Let us take heavenly abode to be more realistic and free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 2 · 123
I Am Fortunate
I Am Fortunate
If you are with me then fortune is on my side
Let us be together on the life's wonderful ride
My sweetheart if love remains our real guide
Then we can imprint our print just far and wide

Place your hand on my heart to feel heartbeat
Let us be one on one on just love's sweet seat
Allow me to write sonnet of love on clean sheet
When we have to go ahead there is no retreat

We together are the ones to have love fragrance
In each others company we are but complacence
Love when touches beauty becomes jbut cadence
My love help me to have solace with naissance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 2 · 43
Tears of Rose
Tears of A rose
Being i n love makes tears to flow
My love I love you as no one can do
Take my tears as a token  of love
No one else can really present as though
From the core of my heart I love you
From the soul I take you thru and thru
Let not leave me in the company of foe
I ca not survive without you let me say
Please be mine be dawn of the day
In this hot desert of life be my friend
Love from heart let me but send
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 1 · 34
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions
The tears of rose take me along
I can listen but the inner sad song
Why the sweet moments are short
Why the moments of pain are long
I do not know to whom I belong
My vision is clear mission is strong
My sweetheart to you I do belong
Our love sweet relation is but lifelong

My love my dove Be hand in hand
Love and beauty are on same band
Our sweet relation is of different brand
What an occasion is but really grand
Whether I am on such hot desert sand
Or I am in green vast ocean to expand

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 1 · 21
Life A Challenge
Life A Challenge
Life is nothing but a constant and consistent challenge
Only brave can accept it wit smiling face to pursue
To counter any embarrasement one has to but manage
Time and space to take care how to think and to do

Valliant are sons of the soil who take correct descion
They do all at the peril of life to sacrifice for nation
Time and tide keeps their actions with proper precision
Their burning blood keeps in tact their passion

Inspiration my love comes but from inner cores to play
Miracles do happen when one surpasses time
For clean hearts and souls love remains dawn of the day
Their fortune helps them to reap harvest in prime

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 1 · 40
Make Me Insane
Make Me Insane
Do not leave me my love alone less I die in pain
Have mercy my love don't torture again and again
Be in my heart and soul extend real love chain
My sweetheart be sweet in love don't make me insane
Take me inlove then you can always just slain
Let me be more near and near to you to attain
Intoxicate me with your beautiful green eyes to reign
Help me to get all torture of like be just champagn

If you make me you in color of love just to glow
I want to be in you like a stream of water to flow
Let me explore real beauty in trance don't be in row
Let the universe be taken our with our love show
Embrace me heart to heart and never let me go
If I get you completely then I don't mind to but blow

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 1 · 42
Shades of Love
Shades of Love
Love is a feeling of pain, joy and pleasure
Simultaneously it is a wonderful love treasure
What a taste it carries can never be explained
Takes one to the edge of eternity even if disdained
But source of attraction remains passionate beauty
It takes a lover from all chains ,shackles totally free

It makes one cross and takes to the cross
Its not a barter a lover may be taken to loss
A stream of passion at times it may be floss
Its a challenging puzzle one may come across
Its not a sheer trade with any profit and loss
Beauty has a real passion to have love emboss

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Mar 1 · 40
Violent Waves
Violent Waves
My love I love you from the core of my heart
Embrace me and keep me never to depart
There is nothing without you I do understand
Let us be on one frequency and one band
Life is an ocean with very many violent waves
Your beauty keeps me in daze and craves
To be with you in real sweet communion
Let my love to have a beautiful reunion

Let me be with you and never ever alone
Let me kiss you Let us be together in on love zone
Let me praise real sweet beauty just shown
Let us be on one and only sweet love tone
Be a wonderful sweet heart don't be a stone
Take me along and come like wild cyclone

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Feb 29 · 41
Love Kills
Love Kills
Give me your eyes and take mine
Only then we both will have taste of wine
My sweetheart be sweet in all dealings
I am a poet of love don't hurt my feelings
Do not dictate I will not take this attitude
Be kind hearted don't check my fortitude
Love is love till it gives all sort of pleasure
For me my love your love is a treasure
But when you start objecting love dies
Then there is no use to utter false cries
Love resonates and shares its fragrance
This is which type of blove which makes tense
Be my heart associate or be my foe
****** in my heart or let me just go
Life's too short to waste on acrimony.
If you don't love let me just totally free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Feb 29 · 63
My love I am lucky to have you with me
I am fortunate that higher power takes care
My love in this wonderful green vast sea
My vision becomes more refined more fair

Please take me in your arms to be wise
Do not leave me alone in hour of trial
Just be on my side to help me to but rise
To your great expectations for a while

We both can conquer the world let be frank
Hand in hand and heart to heart to go
Let be the recipient of love's real great rank
Let love be in our viens to flow to glow

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
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