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Apr 2016
at first i was angered.
your words poked the place in my heart
where all had rotted away and a gaping hole was all that was left.
i wanted to scream, shout, get my point across.

but then i stopped.
i thought about what i wanted to say,
and i realized that attack wasn't the solution.

i started to become disappointed.
i felt sorry for you,
and the lack of love in your heart.
i pitied your closed mind and judgements,
but i didn't want to hurt you.

what good would it do?

so i'll let you on your way,
enabling you to make the same mistakes over and over.

i hope one day you'll learn the truth.

but until then, i do not hate you.
i have only love for you.

take note.
this is a message to a group of people; but particularly one person. they know who they are. i hope you receive this well. ps i know it's poorly written.
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